Drfiting of to a Metallic Daydream

Friday, June 11th, 2010

As he drifts of to sleep, will he dream of electric orange sunflowers ever reaching for the sun’s energies?  Will the squeaky rusts slow the eyelids, drooping down.  Grinding against the steel as the asphalt melts a sea of prairie grass swaying in the summer breeze.

I do wonder about these things.

Only the metallic one knows for sure.

Drfiting of to a Metallic Daydream

Drfiting of to a Metallic Daydream

Oxidizing Back in Time

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

The sun was warm, and the air was unseasonably cool.  I am loving these early summer days.  This must be what they mean by an English summer.  The sun warms you, but if you start to overheat, just grab a spot in the shade and you’ll be just fine.

In this lovely weather I strolled around some of the sleepy, old parts of Urayasu.  The little snack bars still in the afternoon.  The empty fishing market stalls, that have only a few that actually still open for business.

Time rushes forward at a blinding speed. I am thankful for the opportunities to slow down and explore.  A time to savor those beautiful things that interconnect and make up our lives.

Ever connected.  Ever rusting.  Ever beautiful.

Fish Market, Closed

5 Sign Shuttered

Awning Afternoon

Lost Love Sleeps with the Fishes

Ushi in White and Brown

Women Have Power II

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