Redlands, South West Dade County Florida

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I'm Not in Kansas, Redlands Fruit and Spice Park

Redlands Fruit and Spice Park in south western Dade County. is one of those places that I haven’t visited since I was a child.  I remember wandering around this vast park quite well.  The best thing about Redlands Fruit and Spice park is that visitors are allowed to eat all the fruit that has fallen from the trees.

It was great to wander around this park as an adult.  Thinking back on the park I know that it had an influence on my own gardening tendencies.  And those being that I like to grow plants that I can either smell or taste.  I do believe that this interest in edible scented vegetation can be traced back to my youthful wandering around the many parks of Miami and Dade County.

The sun was blazing as I wandered around the acres of trees and grass.  I opted to not take the tour and decided to just wander where ever the scents and fruit would take me.

I occasionally picked up some fruit off the ground to give them a taste.  A tiny mango, or a sapote.  There must have been more than 30 varieties of mangoes around the park.

I left the park satisfied having smelled scents from my youth even if I had gotten a bit too much sun.

I love my south west Dade county parks.

Rooted, Redlands Fruit and Spice Park


South West Dade Skies, Redlands Fruit and Spice Park

Still Cold with a Case of Accidental Sky

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

It is still maddeningly unusually cold for almost April here in Tokyo.  I still am using three blankets to keep warm. I keep looking though my pics to warm me up and I came across this one I shot accidentally outside my grandmother’s house.  I sums it up for me.  Clear skies and warmth that bundle you up and let you be free.

Accidental Angle, South Miami 2010

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