Trying to Re-sync with the Nature Around Us

Monday, April 18th, 2011

As the wind was whipping up around me last Friday, I used the time to mull over in my mind my relationship to the environment.  Being in the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo we sometimes forget that there is a rhythm to life that is not set by the subway timetables.

There are seasons to be observed.  The Japanese were very in tune with nature, and their attention to the arts reflect this connection; however, the connections between man and nature are being severed.  For example, I heard from a friend a few weeks ago that some residents across the river from me were in a complete panic when they found yellow powder in the streets and on the buildings.  They immediately jumped to the conclusion the radiation from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant’s radiation has reached their homes.  Even though, radiation, is odorless, colorless and tasteless.  The officials checked the suspicious yellow powder, which turned out to be just plain old pollen.

Have we so lost touch with nature that we have forgotten that at certain times of the year pollen dusts our neighborhoods?  I try to live my live with a balance between the urban and the natural.  It isn’t always easy, because of the way we isolate ourselves from nature.

Take the time to notice the seasons.  Take the time to notice how the plants have grown, shed, or changed since the day before.  Take notice of these things as they meld and mix with the concrete and steel around us.

Nature is the Real Power

Starflowers Concrete and the Cyclists

Walking in the Wind, Shaky Ground

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

The day was absolutely gorgeous yesterday.  It was actually the first day, that wearing my fleece lined jacket was a little too much to be out and about.  I finished up what I was doing a bit early and took a stroll, in Narashino.  The wind was just howling.  Cherry Blossom petals filled the air, like pink spring snow.

The sprouting flowers were fighting the wind, moving too and fro in the pollenated air.  These little wonders seemingly so week, effortlessly were able to hold their ground.  They were flexible and strong enough to hold their ground.

I guess the point that I am getting at is that we too must be flexible as the earth shifts beneath our lives that we have built here in Tokyo.  If we are too rigid we will break.  If we are too flexible we will just be like a man-o-war floating where ever the waves take us.

The situation here has the ability to change in a second.  Our whole world could be thrown into the wind without any notice; therefore, I am trying to be flexible in my thoughts and actions.  I am looking to how nature will rebound from tragedy, and we too will rebound.

One Love

One Life

One Desitiny

Be safe in all you do.

The Leaning One with Wall

Me, Myself and Flower Shadows

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