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Autumn Festivals with Freshly Harvested Pomegranates

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Autumn Harvest Pomegranate 2013 02


The autumn festivals are upon us.  The red spider lilies have shed their wispy petals.  The nights are growing longer, and I have harvested the baseball sized pomegranates from my own patio garden’s tree.

I have been fascinated by the burgundy arils since I was a child.  It was the fruit that was an absolute mission to get at those tiny bursts of goodness.  They always made such a mess, but it never bothered me.

Perhaps my interest in this fruit goes back to my DNA.  My ancestors would split them open, cook with them, and take them on long journeys.

This year I was able to raise some of my own.  Previous years I had been left with one or two golf ball sized fruits.  This year it was closer to about 10 and half of them were the size of a baseball.  I left them on the tree until they split open.  Not sure if this is the way to do it, but it just seemed like the way to go.

They were pretty sour to my tastebuds with only hints of the pomegranate fragrance.  They just burst bursted in there sweet and sour goodness.

I am thankful that I could play my little part in helping to bring some colorful goodness into the world.


Autumn Harvest Pomegranate 2013 01

The Little Watermelon

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

The Little Watermelon, Le Petit Pastèque, 少しスイカ

As many of you may remember that a typhoon wrecked my garden a little while back.  Now my patio garden is quite small, but we have been able to pluck a few cucumbers, peppers, eggplants from the potted plants.  Not a lot, but enough to bring some freshness to our table and hearts.

The garden has rebounded from the torrential winds and rains, but I had pretty much given up on our watermelons.  The vines kept creeping along the patio, eventually spilling over the ledge and even became excited when I saw blossoms sprout from the twisting vine.  Eventually all the flowers fell off without further growth into a watermelon.

This all changed yesterday.  I was looking at the vine, and I noticed that there were some oblong shapes where the flowers had been.  I called my wife out to the patio, to show her the budding fruit.  I was wondering how they will survive since the vine had wiggled its way up and around the cucumber poles.  Then, my wife called me back outside to show me three baseball sized watermelons that had tucked themselves away under some leaves.  I was overjoyed to see them!  To be able to pick one up in my hand and feel the warmth of the sun in my palm.  So beautiful.  Such a simple joy gardening brings.

We spent some time cleaning up and weeding the patio today, unfortunately this little one got clipped by accident.  I shed a little tear, and was thankful for the ones that have come, and will come.

This is my homage to fruit of summer.  The lovely honorable watermelon.


Windy Backstreets and Galettes

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

I had never been to Kagurazaka before venturing there today.  I had heard that it was a bit of an old part of town, but what really got me to want to make a stroll around is when I heard that there are more French restaurants there than anywhere else in Tokyo.  I  enjoyed the little backstreets, that alternated between little bistros and exquisite Japanese places.

And finally after a beautiful Galette stuffed with cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes I was treated to my favorite coffee, a noisette.  yummy!

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