Standing Solo in Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

I am definitely on a learning to survive so that the next stage one can thrive these days.  And on this day of rest my thoughts return to the natural world.  Nature has a way of coping with pretty much anything that it encounters.

In the dead of winter, a succulent has the ability to keep on growing.  Lifting up its fleshy leaves up to the warm sunshine.  Not only are they reaching up, but this one was sending out new shoots.

New life is sprouting forth in the middle of winter in the deepest backwater suburbs of Ichikawa, just east of the sprawl of the Tokyo metropolis.

We all got to find our ways to thrive in adverse environments.  My way and your way most likely will not be the same.  But, we will find our style of thriving!

Solo WInter Succlulent

I Promised You a Zen Garden

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Ok, so it isn’t exactly the zen garden that you had in mind.  It is not the beautifully groomed Ryoanji Zen garden in Kyoto, but then again I am not in Kyoto.  I live in Tokyo.  I spend most of my time in Chiba Prefecture which buts up against Tokyo. In fact I can look out my bedroom window and see Chiba prefecture across the river from me.  All this being said, I am constantly challenged to find that beauty, those zen moments without being in the cultural center of Japan.  In fact at times is seems like Chiba is a culturally located out in the boondocks of Japan.

However, this is where I find my zen moments.  They are to be found not in the places that the tourists flock to in the proper seasons.  No, they are those locales that are right there before your very eyes.  They are the areas that you walk through to get from one place to another.  They are the moments between the origin and your destination.  The journey and the moments, in my case photographic images, that allow the zen moments to unfold themselves.

I am thankful to The Creator, who has blessed me with my vision.  Not only the vision that allows me to see, but to be able to deeply visualize how we all connect, and disconnect from the world that surrounds us.  I am truly in debt to The Creator that allows me to see beauty even if no one else can.

So here is the Zen Garden I promised you.  It may not be Ryoanji, but then again this one spoke to me in a way that Ryoanji never did.

Succulent Rock Garden Fence

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