Last Windows of Sugamo

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Window let us see out into the world, they also let us see into the world.

However, the windows I like best are those that reflect the world.  The combine the

reality of seen, and unseen, and project it into the physical presence.

Aged, weathered, and truthful out of the little hood of Sugamo.

Sighted Again

Privacy Glass

Diamond Door Life

A Stroll Though Sugamo with Samm

Monday, September 7th, 2009

I got the chance to meet up with Samm Bennet today as we strolled around the neighborhood of Sugamo.  I was first attracted to Samm’s work because some of what interests him here in Japan is like that of myself.  We wanted to go somewhere neither of us has gone before and we choose Sugamo.  Sugamo is often called the Harajuku for old people, or the Really Old Lady Ginza.  It was cool to wander the streets looking at the elderly shoppers and the sometimes strange shop fronts.

you can check Samm’s Flickr Page Here also his musical page here.

till the next adventure.

Clothing, Sugamo Style

Circles Drying in the Sun

Bulb and Awning

Grill Work Minus the Bulb

Red Clothing Brings Power, Sugamo

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