Sunday Afternoon in My Hood, Minamikasai, that is

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Finally, after spending nearly two weeks shut in I awoke without a sore throat today.  Such a relief to finally have gotten rid of that worst symptom of my never ending cold.  Since I had been shut in for so long I decided I needed to take a stroll.

The weather feels a lot more like spring that it does for mid-November.  I could actually wear a t-shirt walking around my hood.  Now my hood is like other hoods around the world.  Whether it is Brooklyn Heights, Kendall, West Baltimore, Temple Terrace, Ueno or anywhere else.  It might not be dangerous like some, but it is where I now call home.  I know where the corner stores all are.  I know which houses have the beautiful gardens, or where to avoid a run in with parent patrols.  It is my home.  It is Minamikasai (Southern Kasai) on the edge of eastern Tokyo wedged in between Tokyo Disneyland, which is actually in Chiba Prefecture, and Tokyo Bay.

I was surprised that there are still just bout no autumn leaves in the hood.  Again it is hard to believe that it is almost to weeks into November but there are no colors.  Most of the leaves are dirty brown rather than vibrant hues.

I am thankful for all of you that asked about my well being and my absence from the web over the last week or so.  Here are some still blooming flowers from my hood, to your hood, where ever that may be.

Sunday Gardening, Minamikasai, My Hood

Sunday, Buttercup Day

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Buttercups are one of the few flowers I have memories attached to as a youth.  I remember picking them in Miami, and being amazed at the fact that they do kind of smell like butter.  Found this one on a Sunday afternoon as I was making my way around the neighborhood.  Such a little wonder, but it was holding it’s own against the wind blowing in off Tokyo Bay.

Buttercup Under the Breeze

Another Sunday Among the Blossoms

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Sunday was a little taste of the summer to come.  The weather was very warm with a little of a cool breeze.  It felt good to be out and about with only a short sleeved t-shirt.

I love just to wander around my neighborhood on bicycle.  Even though I may have been down some of the same roads before, there is always something interesting to see.  There is always something I have never quite come across before.

A street side garden that flows out onto the asphalt.  A tiny flower growing between the edge of a wall and a chain link fence and a bunch of flowers jutting out from the side of a wall.  All there in plain sight.  Sometimes they seem like they are just waiting to be noticed by me.




Low Lying Purple Sunshine

Peeking Out Wall

Frontside Garden in the Sun

Urbanistic Bliss: Finger Painted Sky

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

The time was 5:15 in the p.m.  The place is Minami Kasai where I dwell, and lay my head to rest at night this little micro miracle occurred.

I noticed the buildings across the way reflecting a beautiful orange light.  Turned my head to see where the light was coming from to be blessed to see that intersection of the urban and the mystic with a sky in all it’s finger painted glory.

Cliche, but so true.

Urbanistic Bliss

Sunday Morning Stroll

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Just a quick little stroll around the neighborhood in the bright sunshine.

Beige Door, Blue Apartment

Futon Cycle Day

Kitty Fence WIndow

Going Bananas in the Park

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

There was a little festival happening in my neighborhood.  A nice sign that the weather is warming and that the summer festival season will be upon us.  Time to grab your spare change to grab some food, and take in the delights at the festival.  Get some okonomiyaki, baby castella, and kebabs.  There are so many smells and flavors fill the senses.

Shaved Ice on a Sunny SIde Day

Eat, Nibble, Nosh

I Like Chocolate Covered Bananas

Hot Baby Cakes

Stay On Target

Partial Sunday

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

This Sunday has thus far been gorgeous.  The sun is high, the weather is warm and dry.  I pray that this weather will continue for a while before we get monkey slapped with the humid weather this summer.  So before I head out for the day.  These are some images collected over the past week.  A summary of sorts.  Just another partial Sunday.

Two Pokka Gloves

Got to Go, Got to Go

Benched Nero Tag

Lost Rainy Keys, Tsudanuma

Sunday, Here in the Park, I think it was 15th of November

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

This Sunday was beyond gorgeous.  The air was dry,and the breeze was coo.  I could sit in a t-shirt and

not be cold.  The weather these past few days in Tokyo has been completely schizophrenic.  Cold, and rainy

followed by hot, and muggy, followed by weather that we should be having in late spring.  Like I usually

say, I shouldn’t complain, because it will be bloody cold before we know it.

After getting some things done in the house, I grabbed my camera, and hopped on my bike

to see what is to be seen in the park.  The park was rumbling with smiling faces, all enjoying

the fab weather, like myself.

Soak it all in.  Let that vitamin D come on inside and warm your heart.

Family Play

Red Autumn

Wall of Weeds

My Own Private Landscape

Sun Spots in the Park

Back to Concrete Reality

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

After my Florida dreaming the other day, it back to the reality of my concrete

surroundings.  Bounced on down to Shibuya for a crowded afternoon amongst the throngs

of people.  Concrete, coming down and going up, alls busy in Shibuya.

Shibuya Bridge

Netted Graffiti_

Graffiti with Hole

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