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Friday, November 16th, 2007

On the new site Artist Interviewing Artist an interview with Jacob Schere was given, by Sacramento artist Tim Lane. You can gain a little insight into the work of m2c aka Jacob Schere. Please check out the other artist on the site too. It is in English and French.

A repost is compiled here courtesy of Tim Lane.

tim:what is your favorite camera to work with?

jacob schere:
I switch around all the time. but recently I like the
old 6×6 point and shoot format cameras. Like the Ilford
Sporti, and Baldexitte.

tim:what artists/photographers are you inspired by?

jacob schere:
Probably the biggest impact on me as a photographer
is Lee Freidlander. I’ve been a big fan of his ever
since someone showed me some of his work in university.
And as far as making a statement, Duchamp.

tim:tell us about your educational background. Do you have formal training in art? jacob schere:

I went to a university, and studies within their art
department. I enjoyed being able to dabble in the other
departments such as political science and history classes.

tim: When did you decide to pursue art?

jacob schere:
Can’t say exactly when, but its been a direction i’ve
been traveling since I was a young one.

tim: is there anything else you would like to tell us about your background in regards to how your art has evolved?

jacob schere:
I traveled a lot with my family when I was young, and it
was I that always had the camera, and took the family
pictures. That really got me wanting to travel and
take pictures.

tim:this part is for you to ask yourself a question or write
anything fun nonsense anything you want as long as you want

jacob schere:

I am always surprised when others like pictures of mine
that i dont like so much and vice versa. I can show
someone a piece im crazy about,but someone else is like
ummm ok, i like this ONE. and Im like WHAT????

is that good enough for ya?

tim:how does contemporary life impact your creative practice?

jacob schere:
I react to what I am surrounded by. The sights smells,
colors of everyday, seep in and come out in my works.

tim: What motivates you to create?

jacob schere:
I really wouldnt know what else to do.
If I dont do something creative, i feel empty
and useless.. I MUST CREATE

tim: why did you choose to work in the medium(s) that you use?

jacob schere:

I dont think I chose, photography, it CHOSE me.
as far as collage, and painting, its that dirtiness, and
the pulling all the scraps together and pull off
some raw emotion.

tim: what is your studio like? Can you go into detail about your studio routine? Do you work in silence– listen to music?

jacob schere:
I have 2 studios. My computer studio, is quite plain,
with a 20 inch monitor, and a big sliding door. My painting
studio, is in a basement, with NO natural light. so i put
up a couple of 1000 watt lights. Its an utter mess most
of the time. I like music. so i often play music in
my studio, it gives me energy to keep on going.

tim: Do you have any upcoming exhibits? Where readers can view your work? OR .COMS?

jacob schere:
No exhibits right now, some coming next year.

tim: favorite word?

jacob schere
I love the sound of the word incognito.

tim:least favorite words

jacob schere:
Greed, hate, selfishness

tim:favorite color/colors to work with?

jacob schere
I’m a complete sucker for blues and purples.

thank you jacob
clcik here for jacobs myspace page

french version

tim:what est votre appareil-photo pr???f???r??? ???? travailler avec le commutateur du schere i de :jacob autour de tout le temps mais r???cemment j’aime le vieux point 6×6 et tire les appareils-photo de format comme le sporti d’ilford, et le baldexitte. tim:what artists/photographers sont vous ont inspir??? probablement par le schere de :jacob le plus grand impact sur moi car un photographe est lie Freidlander. Ive ???t??? un grand ventilateur ???? lui depuis quelqu’un m’a montr??? une partie de son travail dans l’universit???. Et jusque faire un rapport, Duchamp. tim:tell nous au sujet de votre fond ???ducatif. Vous avez la formation formelle dans le schere de l’art :jacob que je suis all??? ???? une universit???, et les ???tudes dans leur d???partement d’art. J’ai eu plaisir ???? pouvoir mouiller dans les autres d???partements tels que les classes politiques de la science et d’histoire. tim : Quand avez-vous d???cid??? de poursuivre l’art ? parole de pente de schere de :jacob exactement quand, mais son ???t??? un ive de direction voyageant puisque j’???tais jeune. tim : y a-t-il toute autre chose que vous voudriez nous dire au sujet de votre fond dans le respect ???? la fa???on dont votre art a ???volu??? ? schere de :jacob j’ai voyag??? beaucoup avec ma famille quand j’???tais jeune, et c’???tait moi qui a toujours eu l’appareil-photo, et a pris les photos de famille. Que vraiment obtenu me voulant voyager et prendre des photos. la pi???ce de tim:this est pour que vous vous demandiez que une question ou ???crire ???? quelque chose le non-sens quelque chose d’amusement que vous voulez aussi longtemps que vous voulez le schere de :jacob Je suis toujours ???tonn??? quand d’autres aiment des images du mien que je n’aime pas tellement et vice versa. Je peux montrer ???? quelqu’un par morceau im fou environ, est-ce que mais quelqu’un d’autre est comme l’ok d’ummm, j’aime cet UN et Im comme CE QUI ? ? ? ? est-ce que c’est assez bon pour le ya ? tim:how la vie contemporaine effectue-t-elle votre pratique cr???atrice ? schere de :jacob que je r???agis ???? ce que je suis entour??? pr???s. Les odeurs de vues, couleurs de journalier, s’infiltrent dedans et viennent dehors dans mes travaux. tim : Ce qui vous motive pour cr???er le wouldnt du schere I de :jacob vraiment savez quoi encore pour faire. Si je ne fais pas quelque chose de cr???ateur, je me sens vide et inutile. Je DOIS CR?????ER tim : pourquoi avez-vous choisi de travailler dans le medium(s) que vous employez ? schere de :jacob que je ne pense pas que j’ai choisi, photographie, il M’AI CHOISI. jusque le collage, et peindre, sa cette salet???, et le rassemblement de toutes les chutes et retirent une certaine ???motion crue. tim : ???? quoi ressemble votre studio ? Pouvez-vous entrer dans le d???tail au sujet de votre routine de studio ? Vous travaillez dans le silence — ???coutez le schere de la musique :jacob que j’ai 2 studios. Mon studio d’ordinateur, est tout ???? fait plat, avec un moniteur de 20 pouces, et une grande porte coulissante. Mon studio de peinture, est dans un sous-sol, sans la lumi???re normale. ainsi j’ai mis vers le haut un couple des lumi???res de 1000 watts. Son un d???sordre total plus du temps. J’aime la musique. ainsi je joue souvent la musique dans mon studio, il me donne l’???nergie ???? la subsistance sur aller. tim : Avez-vous des objets expos???s prochains ? O??? les lecteurs peuvent regarder votre travail ? OU schere des COMS :jacob aucuns objets expos???s en ce moment, un certain prochain prochain tim de l’ann???e : amour pr???f???r??? du schere i du mot :jacob le bruit du mot incognito. le favori de tim:least exprime l’avarice de schere de :jacob, haine, ???go???sme tim:favorite color/colors pour travailler avec le schere im de :jacob un surgeon complet pour des bleus et des purples.


Friday, November 2nd, 2007

The totally hip multi media DONT MAGAZINE’s recent issue features a sound and image extravaganza called “Tokyo Time Machine.” A in depth look at decay of imagery in metropolitan Tokyo. An interview with Jacob Schere accompanies music and images. Be sure to explore, and click though all the images for a interection of sound and images.For a direct link to the article please click below also browse thought the rest of the magazine by clicking below copyTokyo Time MachineFollowing on from New Yor Inflections, HINDSIGHT, issue 4, we go to Tokyo where Jacob Schere takes us on a journey though time. He writes, “Here in sleek and ultra modern Tokyo lay images left to peel slowly off the wall. These images are of recent ancient history. Flake by flake they peel from their cement base… like an archaeologist dusting off the centuries to discover a city in ruin, I have discovered these paintings on a wall, left to grunt against the elements.” Schere is a New Yorker living in Tokyo. He is from a city that’s built for speed but even he is taken aback by the pace of change in his adoptive home. These images of an arrested civilization located in a kaleidescope of tenses echo our condition. Their elegant erosion, nobility in neglect and haunting sense of devastation recall our wastefulness and our own inevitable decrepitude. A friend writes, “Yes I love them! Their colors as well as their fragility and how in every flake and peel a new history is added. The pollution where seagulls cannot dive and the sublime intimate connection of two people hidden in the mist. Music by Itai.Published in DONT MAGAZINE November 2007.

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