My Girl with a Clipped Camellia, Thankfulness

Friday, December 27th, 2013

My Girl with a Camellia

The bride approaches as the mercury is quickly dipping. A Staub pot bubbles with lamb stew to welcome her into my home.

I sit next to my heater bundled up waiting with an open heart.

Let the colors shine though.
The skies may be overcast but the warmth that comes will come.

This secular year is about to close. My wishes go out to all those that struggle.
I will keep you all in heart as this year ticks to the close.

Keep warm.
Keep your heart on the real prize.


Have You Seen the MOZE Through the Rain?

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Have You Seen the MOZE Through the Rain?


Today was an odd one.  It had been steady raining all day and night that it was looking rather bright in the morning as the sun tried to peek out from behind the clouds.

The wind was still blowing and puddles lined the streets.  Once the light rain broke I knew I had a small window to be out and about to get my errands done.  It didn’t take long for the gray skies to return and a light rain started falling.  It really wasn’t that cold at the time, and the rain was light enough that it didn’t bother me in the least.

That is when I caught the MOZE throw up in the park between Kasai and Nishi Kasai stations.  I have seen it many times, and I have even photographed it a few times too, but I never was able to capture this particular piece until today.

The wet sandy earth scrapped under my feet as I saw my world and MOZE’s reflected into the park’s puddles.  Those passages to other worlds right there next to the elevated Tozai train line.  I truly would like to know who is MOZE.  Our paths keep intersecting in paint and pixels.

Should we meet?  Or, would that destroy the thrill of tracking down all these tags, throw ups, and pieces.  I don’t know yet.  All I do know is that I will continue to be on the prowl for MOZE in my hood.



Big System, S&H, Samm Bennett, Nii Tete and Habu Musical Stylings for Tohoku Charity Concert

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Big System Nii Tete and Samm Bennett on Mouth Bow, Charity Concert 2013 (4 of 11)


On a chilly Saturday afternoon in Shin Urayasu in Meikai Univeristy‘s gymnasium a group of residents, students, and music lovers all gathered to hear the musical stylings of Nii Tete, Big System, Samm Bennet, S&H and the vibe on the street moves of White Hat.

The concert was UFRA (Urayasu Foreign Residents Association) with help by the City of Urayasu and Meikai University.  The event was hosted and emceed by myself.  Something I hadn’t planned on doing until more or less the last minute when I channeled a bit of my brothers DNA as I gripped the mic and did my part to help boost the concerts energy.

The music was thrilling mixture of mountain neo-Americana, African drums, and and Japanese inspired rhythms.  The beats and rhythms went straight to my soul.  The world culture blended right before our eyes and penetrated our ears.

Even though I was the emcee and had a camera holstered though out the show I so wanted to get on a drum and join in the beat making.

First up was Nii Tete and his kpanlogo Drums.  His beat making was incredible.  I am sure for many in the audience they had never heard drums as the featured instrument. Nii’s hands moved to quickly for my shutter. The lyrics spilled forth from his heart and raised the temperature in the gymnasium.
Nii Tete on the Kpanlogo Drums Charity Concert 2013 (2 of 11)


After about 20 minutes Nii was joined on stage by Samm Bennet for the duo of Big System.  Samm’s music is firmly rooted in the blues of the deep south.  It was moving to see the blues journey back to their own African. The common language being the rhythm of the drums as the two talked back and forth though the twangs and thumps of their instruments.
Big System Nii Tete and Samm Bennett, Charity Concert 2013 (5 of 11)

After a short intermission and clearing of the stage the lights dimmed and the street dance moves of White Hat studio took the stage.  In three groups each took 3 minutes and showed off their skills of popping and locking, street dancing, and hip hop moves.  The little shorties rocked the stage and mesmerized all the youngsters.
White Hat Group, 「森羅万象」Charity Concert 2013 (9 of 11)


Next up was Habu and Samm Bennett of S&H.  Habu had strapped on two sets of ankle bells to each foot and danced around the stage while banging on his home make drum.  Samm’s soulful voice brought me back to the days I never knew of hanging around the country juke joint.  I traveled through time with S&H.  Their last song featured the squeaks and squeals of two rubber pigs.  I don’t think anyone in attendance will ever forget those singing pigs.
Habu and Samm Bennet of S&H, Charity Concert 2013 (10 of 11)


By the time the last song, and the last of the chairs put away every drop of energy had been expended to bring this charity concert to life.  I am thankful for all the help I received in helping to bring help to the children of Tohoku.

Special Thanks

Samm Bennet – Polarity Records

Nii Tete 

Megumi Uesugi – Assistant Professor, Meikai University Hospitality and Tourism Department

Meikai University

Gemba – dj honda records japan

Hamada – White Hat Studio

Aaron Randall – Sound

Naho Kuroda – Translation

UFRA Chair and Committee Members

Faculty and Students of the Meikai University Hospitality and Tourism Department

City of Urayasu

Ayamekai Aikido

Big System Nii Tete and Samm Bennett, Charity Concert 2013 (3 of 11)

Big System Nii Tete and Samm Bennett, Charity Concert 2013 (1 of 11)


Samm Bennett on Box Guitar, Charity Concert 2013 (8 of 11)



The Rubber Accompanying Piggies, Charity Concert 2013 (6 of 11)



UFRA LOVES Tohoku Button, Charity Concert 2013 (7 of 11)



Not the End, Just Another Beginning with Samm Bennett, Charity Concert 2013 (11 of 11)


Till the next charity event.  Thank you again to all that helped and came out!


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