Due West Down Mastin Lake Road, Huntsville, Alabama

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Due West on Mastin Lake Road, Huntsville, Alabama

Time has shifted into another realm over the last couple of days.  After the marathon drive from south Florida to Huntsville, Alabama with my brother my concept of time has reverted to a more raw state.

I can’t count the hours.  I don’t feel the minutes.  All I know is that I am surrounded by people that love me.  And some of these people I am meeting for the first time.  It really doesn’t matter.  The love surrounding us has altered my perception of it.

It is beautiful to walk around an unknown neighborhood and just be.  To look at how the Alabamians decorate their yards, paint their houses, and walk down the street.

To watch the colors liquify in the sky as the sun sets over Mastin Lake Road in the foothills of the appalachian mountains.  So beautiful and in all places, Alabama.

Just a taste of the beauty and the love that surrounds us at this moment in our lives.

Peace to all on this shabbat before passover!


Sekajipo and the Jungle in Coconut Grove

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Sekajipo and the Jungle, Coconut Grove

I got some time to spend with hiphopper extraordinaire Sekajipo in Coconut Grove the other day.  Sekajipo is an amazing musician on the hiphop scene in Miami.

He easily moves between ethnically diverse communities of Miami hitting the mic, slinging a guitar, and laying down tracks.  I caught up with Sekajipo on the move down in Coconut Grove for a photo shoot in the jungle meets lucid communication.

Coconut Grove has changed a lot since I was a youth growing up in Miami, but one thing still rings true of the Grove being one of the freshest neighborhoods out in Miami.  There is a gumbo mix of people that make the Grove their home and Sekajipo is at home walking the streets here or just chilling on his yellow and green patio watching the palm trees sway in the breeze.

We hit a few spots in the neighborhood and we had a great time reasoning on all things.  We talked about what he is up to at Catalyst and the news of the day the shooting of Trayvon.

I love working with such amazing people like Sekajipo!  Sekajipo and his music shows me that there are many good people out there in the 305 dropping beats that make one pause and think for a minute.  Well, in reality, they can change the way you view the world.

I look forward to more music from Sekajipo and more ninja style photo shoots too.

If you haven’t already check out Sekajipo’s homepage.

You can add him on Facebook too.

Of course the conscious party doest stop on twitter.

Check out some videos of Sekajipo on Youtube. and more videos here too

His latest one Revolutionary Love is the Jam.

As always, there is more 2 come.


Secret Garden on NE 135 Street North Miami

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Secret Garden, NE 135 Street, Miami

I made a late night visit to an old friend last night.  It was great getting the chance to reason and just be together with him in brotherhood.

As I was walking back to where we had parked on the street I noticed what a beautiful garden was in front of the house.  The land unfolded before my eyes, as the yellow halide light filtered through the trees.

Our little secret garden on NE 135 Street, North Miami.  It was so far removed from the hustle of 135 Street, but this patch of sculptured green was so far removed.  There are places for one to sit and just relax and take in the cool Miami air.


The Edge of the 10000 Islands

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Everglades City with Fishing Line

Our family set off across the bottom tip of Florida this morning to visit my aunt in Ft. Meyers.  I always love the drive across the everglades.  Some people will call it flat and boring, but I call it home.

The endless mounds of hammocks floating on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, or the river of grass that warmly surrounds both sides of highway 41, a.k.a., the Tamiami Trail.

We stopped for a very early dinner in the town of Everglades City, which sits on the edge of the 10000 Islands as they blend into the horizon and eventually meet the Gulf, and the Florida Keys.

Munching on a grouper sandwich I just marveled out across the water.  The houses tucked into the mangroves, the boats on the docks, the birds swarming around trying to get a free meal.  Just a pleasant place to sit still and be.


The One and Only Slick Rick

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Slick Rick, 2012, Miami

I got an email from a good friend eat about 6 p.m. tonight telling me that Slick Rick was going to be giving a lecture at the Miami Dade College Kendall campus.  Slick Rick, one of the original emcees from the 1980s, is not to be missed.  I was amped to see the art of storytelling according to Slick Rick.

I made my way over to the campus and linked up with my friend.  We walked over to the music department where Slick Rick was tucked into a classroom.  Hiphop heads from across the campus all came in to hear what Slick Rick had to say.

He didn’t really give a lecture, but he engaged the participants in a question and answer session.  I asked Slick a question on whether the youth coming up should be schooled in the history of Hiphop culture as a way of reclaiming Hiphop from the corporations.  His take on the question was that veterans serving in Iraq when they come back to America, and begin to put their experience into their rhymes and the people have a choice over authentic experience or mediocre sludge, the people will choose the quality.

Another point that really hit home was that Slick Rick also said that you could be the most conscious rapper in the world but if you are whack then you are whack, or if you are fresh then you are fresh.  The point being that in order to get ahold the attention of the public Hiphop artist must come from a point of being original and authentic.

It was a great surprise to wander onto the MDC campus and hear one of the founders of the original old school HipHop. Slick might have been missing his eyepatch, but his soul was in full effect.  Long Live the real Hiphop!



Redlands, South West Dade County Florida

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I'm Not in Kansas, Redlands Fruit and Spice Park

Redlands Fruit and Spice Park in south western Dade County. is one of those places that I haven’t visited since I was a child.  I remember wandering around this vast park quite well.  The best thing about Redlands Fruit and Spice park is that visitors are allowed to eat all the fruit that has fallen from the trees.

It was great to wander around this park as an adult.  Thinking back on the park I know that it had an influence on my own gardening tendencies.  And those being that I like to grow plants that I can either smell or taste.  I do believe that this interest in edible scented vegetation can be traced back to my youthful wandering around the many parks of Miami and Dade County.

The sun was blazing as I wandered around the acres of trees and grass.  I opted to not take the tour and decided to just wander where ever the scents and fruit would take me.

I occasionally picked up some fruit off the ground to give them a taste.  A tiny mango, or a sapote.  There must have been more than 30 varieties of mangoes around the park.

I left the park satisfied having smelled scents from my youth even if I had gotten a bit too much sun.

I love my south west Dade county parks.

Rooted, Redlands Fruit and Spice Park


South West Dade Skies, Redlands Fruit and Spice Park

Music Featuring Instruments: 5 Deejays and 5 Instruments

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Music Featuring Instruments

This is the first Lucid Thought blog to feature music.  Today I will introduce the Music Featuring Instruments Vol. 1.  from some of the freshest DJs spinning in Miami.

The concept is deceptively simple.  First, Take five deejays and give them an instrument to inspire their mix and then cut an album together.  The Music Featuring Instruments Vol. 1 put out by Above Ground Music took a jazz approach to the album.  Little guidance was given to each DJ.  It was up to each DJ to interpret their instrument the best that they could.

From the Music Featuring sound cloud site:

This is a unique conceptual mix that showcases 5 of South Florida’s most innovative DJ’s. Each DJ was challenged to work with only one requirement – every track had to feature a designated instrument. There were no limitations on genre. The fusion of their unique styles and approaches makes this mix a relevant/necessary addition to any musical collection. This multi-volume project was conceived by Brimstone and Bekay, themed and executive produced by Miami’s own, Above Ground Music.

DJ Silverfoxx took on the blast of the horns.  Brimstone127 took us through a journey of the piano.  DJ Heron the chaka chaka of the scratch.  The boom of the bass was the Brass King’s vibe, and finally DJ Immortal picked up the ancient drum.

I attended the listening party at the Scratch Academy in the design district of Miami.  I was beyond jet lagged and I just pulled up a crate of records and kicked back to enjoy the tunes.  All five of the DJs were on hand to give feedback and talk about how the project had come out.  It was a journey through time space and beat.  Any music heads out there, especially those that love the Hiphop and the music that inspired Hiphop is going to love Music Featuring Instruments.

It was followed by an impromptu photo session to get some photographs of all the deejays.

I invite the Lucid Communication family to head over to soundcloud for a free download of the album, including the artwork by Trek Six.

And teaser video by Raw J

and now the DJs.


DJ Heron, Music Featuring Instruments

DJ Heron


The Brass King, Music Featuring Instruments

The Brass King


DJ Silverfoxx, Music Featuring Instruments

DJ Silverfoxx


DJ Immortal, Music Featuring Instruments

DJ Immortal


Brimstone127, Music Featuring Instruments



Vinyl Heads, Music Featuring Instruments

Music Featuring Instruments, Vinyl Heads



Plan Beats Knows how to Rock an Old School Block Party

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Soulchild, Brass King, Silverfox, Choppy Blades, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami

The Hiphop crew Plan Beats formed in Miami in the mid 90s.  Originally formed to push the Hiphop trio Plan Be.  Plan Be’s core members were Brimstone, Raganese, and Hattrick.  The Plan Be studio aka The Beehive was located in the heart of Kendal on 127th street.  The Plan Be family quickly outgrew the three original members of Plan Be, and the extended Plan Beats was formed.

We fast forward to 2012 to the bursting art scene in the Wynwood section of Miami where the Plan Beats crew has been reuniting to bring the music to the streets. I attended the March 10th Art Walk event.   The Brass King sums up the Plan Beats vibe when he said, “there are no velvet ropes, so leave your attitudes at home!”  Which was so true when I made it to the Plan Beats block party.

There were 4 turntables set up  and maned by The Brass King on the ones and twos, and Silverfoxx on the threes and fours.  Soulchild was armed with a mic and getting the crowd hyped.  And Choppy Blades of Hiphop News Miami was getting UP as much as he cold get down.

For me, it was a real reunion.  I got to see so many peeps that I haven’t seen for a long time.  Trek Six rolled through (actually an original member of the group Plan Be).  I got to see my sista from another mother Soulflower who came through with her daughter in hand.  Seeing Soulflower always brings a smile to my heart!  The Rumba King came though adding a free live bongo to the street jam.  Artists, musicians, even Chor Boogie  in town from San Francisco exclaimed that “this is the real REAL Hiphop!”

The Miami Chapter of Zulu Nation came out to support.  They added their own flavor with some old school popping and locking.  We also had Bebe of Ground Zero crew rock some b-boying out on the concrete.  It was great to see my extended Plan Beats family come out and support the real, in the streets, Hiphop.

There was so much happening at the Plan Beats Street Party.  The crowd was loving the tunes being spun by Silverfoxx and The Brass king.  Old school Hiphop, Salsa, Jamaican Dancehall, and only a Plan Beats Jam could finish off their four hour plus set with Ray Charles Let Me See You Shake Your Tail Feathers, and Hit the Road Jack.  Now those jams are the original Old School.

I was overjoyed to spend such precious time with my Plan Beats family.  It brings a bit of the old mixed in with the fresh new vibes.  I love my Plan Beats crew.

In order to keep up to date with what the Plan Beats crew is doing check out

Hip Hop News Miami for exclusive mixes, and events.

I got to give an extra special shout out to Brimstone127, my brother and PATH founder, who was there only in the spirit, but will be out at the next jam

Lets see what a real block party looks like.

Believe the Hype, Soulchild, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Bebe Ground Zero Crew, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Choppy Blades Gets Up, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Chillski and Zulu Nation Getting Down, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Rhumba King, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Zulu Nation Represent, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


The Cypher, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Brass King, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Crowd Participation, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


The Brass King and Silverfox, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


The Brass King and Silverfox 2, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Four Turntables and one Emcee, Soulchild, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami




Miami Loves Japan Too, First Anniversary of Japan’s Earthquake Tsunami

Monday, March 12th, 2012

March 11, 2012, Love from Miami to Japan

It has been one year sine the March 11th triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown.  So many lives have, including my own, have forever been changed.

I could tell you those changes point by point in all of the technical details, but I won’t.  I much rather put some sound-image-power energies into the world.  For many of Japan’s inhabitants the emotions of March 11, 2011 haven’t settled.

I invite all of lucid communication to give thanks for each moment we allowed to spend in connection with the world and more importantly our loved ones.  These precious moments with loved ones should be reflected upon.

My heart goes out to my very extended Japanese community.  The land where I lay my head to rest.  The land that I walk. The inspiration for my photography.

Miami Loves Japan Too !


P-doe, Luna Empire, Miami’s Liveliest Emcee

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

P-doe with Colada, Downtown Miami

P-doe Luna, of Luna Empire is a powerhouse of positive urban energy among the heat and palm trees of Miami.  I first met P-doe while working on a KRS ONE documentary and I was completely blown away both by his talent and as down to earth attitude.  He has worked with KRS ONE, Fat Joe, Kool and the Gang and many others.

I was fortunate to link up with P-doe for a whirlwind day of photo shooting in Miami.  The temperatures have been rising and with P-doe on the town it got real heated.

Our first stop was a Cuban Cafe downtown to stop off for a colada. For those of you who don’t know, colada is a shot in the arm in the form of super espresso and sugar.  We sipped the coffee as P-doe called out to all the people that he knew in the neighborhood.  It was a great start to the shooting.

After we got our caffeine on we headed to the Venetian building to take some shots waterside.  It was such a blast working with P-doe.  He just loved having a good time, and making some fantastic photographs in the process.

A good photo shoot is a collaboration between the photographer and the subject.  Both need each other in order to create art.  With my eye, and P-does larger than life personality we could do now wrong.

There were so many good images from today’s session I had to narrow it down to only one.  I choose this one because it speaks to me both as representative of P-doe’s humbleness but his roots in the Miami community.  I know that big things are in the future for P-doe and Luna Empire.

check some of P-doe’s music on myspace

follow him on Facebook

check his videos on youtube

for more info on P-doe and Luna Empire  check www.thelunaempire.com

As always there is more to come from the Lucid Communication between myself and P-doe.

Brooklyn for My Manhattan

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Brooklyn for my Manhattan, The Planet

“Brooklyn is the Planet,” Guru once said in a rhyme.  And I would have to agree.  Even though I just barely scratched the surface of the planet a.k.a. Brooklyn, I felt comfortable among the buildings that only reached a few stories into the sky.

In some ways the island of Manhattan has grown and landed a beachhead on the former rough docks of Brooklyn.  Something must end so that others can begin.  Neighborhoods change.  Some parts decline.  The hipsters move in, families build condos where sugar was once loaded on to docks.

It is all past of the flux of human culture.  Nothing stays the same.  Nothing ever really changes.

Sometime I (we) just have to go to the other side of the river.

I Love Central Park Anytime

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Central Park Shine

Most peoples’s image of central park are like that of the movies.  A romantic getaway with in New York’s concrete jungle, or the view runs the other way in which it is a place where you will get jumped after dark.

For me it lies somewhere between the two.  It is an amazing place to wander around and forget that you are in one of the worlds largest metropolises.  There are castles, lakes, fields, rambling hills.  The list is endless what one can find with in Central Park.

I did a photo shoot of the Allies there yesterday, but I need more time to go through them and sort out the top shots.  So, for now this image one the park will inspire.

As always, more to come.


Sunshine in Thompson Square Park

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Sunshine Thompson Square Park 2

The weather was warmer on Saturday.  The rain fell from the skies making all the asphalt glisten in the muted light.  The sun finally managed to come out to warm the hearts of New York.

I spent just about the whole day inside but I had an errand to do.  I passed by Thompson Square Park in the West Village on my way back.  The sunshine had finally come out and the weather had warmed up.  It had become a beautiful day.

Just to sit on a park bench with my best girl. Watching all the lives pass on by.  All those lives that I could imagine but never will be a part of.  Just to be still, if even for a few minutes, and just be.





well, at least my other home!


New York CIty, Love in the Brick and Mortar

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

NYC Stacking Up Love

Everyone knows the I HEART NY campaign and logo.  It is inescapable.  They are everywhere, but where is the logo that says NY LOVES ME?  That is what I am feeling over the last 24 hours since I arrived in the city.  NY in it bricks, mortar and people has love for me too.

Sometimes that love might be in a man shouting to others on the subway to get out of his way.  A subway preacher reading scriptures to the riders, or homeless quietly looking for love so they can eat.  It is an honest love.  NY’s love for me is raw and unashamed.  NYC knows that no matter what may happen the love is mutual.  The city is never afraid to show it’s emotions to me.

I would not be able to see NYC’s love for me without my lens.  My lens creates a mystic bond between the pavement that I pound in my Sauconys and the light traveling though the aperture my optical appendage. The camera lets me seamlessly enter into it’s domain.

NYC sometimes shows that love in ways I can’t imagine right before my flesh.  The city wants to show me something that I have never seen before.  I need to be in tune with New York’s vibrations in order to feel that love.

I know that NYC will never disappoint. The city will always enlighten a piece of my heart.  The patter of the rain soaked traffic is calling me.



The Skies, Its All About the Skies

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Sky Over Flagler Street, Miami

The skies of south Florida are amazing.  I do not have to venture far to be in complete amazement of the fluffs and puffs of those Miami skies.  In fact, I usually only have to walk outside of my home.

Look up!  See those blues fill up my heart as far as I can see.  The colors the hues, those setting sun golden moments.  I could be at the shopping mall, I look up and watch the clouds.  I can be in the middle of downtown industrial side of 305, and there is the constant reminder of the beauty that The Creator shows us.

Look up!  See!  Feel!


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