Music Featuring Instruments: 5 Deejays and 5 Instruments

Music Featuring Instruments

This is the first Lucid Thought blog to feature music.  Today I will introduce the Music Featuring Instruments Vol. 1.  from some of the freshest DJs spinning in Miami.

The concept is deceptively simple.  First, Take five deejays and give them an instrument to inspire their mix and then cut an album together.  The Music Featuring Instruments Vol. 1 put out by Above Ground Music took a jazz approach to the album.  Little guidance was given to each DJ.  It was up to each DJ to interpret their instrument the best that they could.

From the Music Featuring sound cloud site:

This is a unique conceptual mix that showcases 5 of South Florida’s most innovative DJ’s. Each DJ was challenged to work with only one requirement – every track had to feature a designated instrument. There were no limitations on genre. The fusion of their unique styles and approaches makes this mix a relevant/necessary addition to any musical collection. This multi-volume project was conceived by Brimstone and Bekay, themed and executive produced by Miami’s own, Above Ground Music.

DJ Silverfoxx took on the blast of the horns.  Brimstone127 took us through a journey of the piano.  DJ Heron the chaka chaka of the scratch.  The boom of the bass was the Brass King’s vibe, and finally DJ Immortal picked up the ancient drum.

I attended the listening party at the Scratch Academy in the design district of Miami.  I was beyond jet lagged and I just pulled up a crate of records and kicked back to enjoy the tunes.  All five of the DJs were on hand to give feedback and talk about how the project had come out.  It was a journey through time space and beat.  Any music heads out there, especially those that love the Hiphop and the music that inspired Hiphop is going to love Music Featuring Instruments.

It was followed by an impromptu photo session to get some photographs of all the deejays.

I invite the Lucid Communication family to head over to soundcloud for a free download of the album, including the artwork by Trek Six.

And teaser video by Raw J

and now the DJs.


DJ Heron, Music Featuring Instruments

DJ Heron


The Brass King, Music Featuring Instruments

The Brass King


DJ Silverfoxx, Music Featuring Instruments

DJ Silverfoxx


DJ Immortal, Music Featuring Instruments

DJ Immortal


Brimstone127, Music Featuring Instruments



Vinyl Heads, Music Featuring Instruments

Music Featuring Instruments, Vinyl Heads



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