The Lost Moon of Kasai

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Lost Moon of Kasai, Tokyo, Japan


There is a moon that only exists as legends and myth. The legends are talked about as people huddle around the fire pits  sipping warm sake trying to fight off the night’s chill.  These are the stories of the Lost Moon of Kasai.

As legends goes this one has been whispered about for ages.  The stories has been passed down over the generations.  No one knows when the moon was first lost, only that it used to orbit high in the sky over the land of Kasai.  Its brilliant night time illumination would fill the moon gazers with wonder as it hung low in the sky.  Where did it go?

As I take another sip of the warmed sake the bearded elder says, “It vanished.  Mankind has squandered their blessings and the light that it used to shine is now gone.”

My hands tightly wrapped around the ceramic cup trying to keep my fingertips warm.  I think about the lost  moon’s radiance.  The guidance it gave to those  that would make the long journey in Kasai by night.  The moon was their guid for travelers.  It was there so that the traveling souls could know where the stood, and keep the direction rightful.

“There is a chance.” the bearded elder continued.  “The moon has been known to show itself on nights when the alignments in the heavens are in harmony.”

“I hope that I have a pure of heart vision to witness a sighting of the Lost Moon of Kasai.” I declare as the whips of my own breath dissipate in the night air.  Knowing well enough that I will never catch the sighting.  Can anyone’s heart be pure enough to see the unseen?  To be able to see what was lost so long ago.

I wrap my the rough silk scarf around my neck to keep the  wind at bay.  I retrieve the clay bottle out of the hot water and pour the elder another glass.  He returns the pour in my cup.  I raise it to my lips, as we meet each other eyes, and we both smile and sip in the warmness.


Shabbat Thankfulness

Friday, November 1st, 2013

My Kasai Girl's Hands Thankful for ShabbaT


This shabbat I am thankful.

I am thankful for having what I need.

I am thankful for simpleness.

Truly loving the warm sun on November 1st day.

Spending the time with family in the garden, digging in the dirt, helping new life to sprout.

I am thankful for my family that has spread out across the globe.

The splitting open and deseeding of a pomegranate.

With all the world’s troubles,

the sun has set, time to separate the worldly and the spiritual.

Let the day of rest wash over my soul and give me the fire to continue my journey.

Give thanks

Being thankful.



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