My Girl on a Sunny Afternoon, with Purple Twine

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

My Kasai Girl with Purple Plastic Twine
It hadn’t been the best of weekends for me.  I spent most of the time ill in bed with having had my stomach turn upside down.  I had been surviving on some Jewish penicillin aka chicken soup and, for some reason, I have been crazing simple sweet breads.  That is pretty much all I have eaten since Thursday night.

I woke up feeling pretty good and really wanting to take my cycle out for a ride.  The weather forecast was predicting a high of 29C (84F) but it thankfully never climbed that hight.  My stomach decided for me that it would be best not to stray to far from home.

I spent a little bit of time on my patio garden.  I enjoy just sitting and being with my greenery.  I slowly inspect the leaves looking for pests.  Some no-see-ems have invaded my little vertical garden, and the green lime caterpillars have come back to much on my citrus trees.  I don’t mind.  It is a balance we all have to keep.

I finished the last bowl full of jewish medicine and needed to go to the home center to buy a few things.  I picked up some printer ink, some assorted packs of sunflower seeds and a few odds and ends at the OK Supermarket.

I spied my girl.  You know, don’t you?  My girl!  My Minami Kasai Girl.  She is always there between the elementary school and the used car lot.  Her hands are outstretched, not asking for anything.  She is just there being, and waiting for someone, anyone to put something in her hands.

Listen closely.  She isn’t begging.  She is not asking for handouts.  She just appreciates a little something something.  Thats all.  Nothing expensive, or trendy.  Today she had been blessed with a bit of purple plastic twine.  She is simple to please.  I just have to keep an eye on her to make sure she is well taken care of.

Just another pre summer Sunday afternoon.  I wish these days continue before the humid furnace is switched on.  It is often those simple familiar objects and people that make everything feel all right….



Contemplating Temple Lotus Leaf, Rain and Bang

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Contemplating Temple Lotus After the Rain, Ichikawa, Japan


Last night the winds howled around the apartment buildings and homes in my neighborhood.  The rain splattered against my window.  The night was one of constant interruptions.  No real quality sleep, just lots of sleep deprived dreams of oddities.

Then without warning the floor moved.  It wasn’t a shaker.  It didn’t build to a crescendo and released its power.  It was as if the world’s table had been slammed into and then it was over.  It was enough of a jolt to induce a surprise.  As quickly as it came it was gone.

On my walk to the station I often pass through a temple on top of a hill.  The vividness of the green Japanese maple caught my eye, and I walked over the circular driveway to get a different vantage point.

I looked down into the claw pots that were filled with lotus leafs.  They too were incredibly green.  There were jewels floating on the gaps over the leaf’s veins.  I starred.  Did hail fall from the sky in the storm?  I was curious so I ever so gently poked the bobble with the tip of my umbrella, and it moved.  Not ice, but crystal clear water.

The walk through the temple always calms my nerves.  I take the time to look around to see what is blooming, greening, and fading away.

Rain, will bring flowers.  The earthquakes bring fear.  They all can be released though the passion of attempting to live life though artistic expression.


Thankful as a Bunch of Snap Peas

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Snap Peas Thankful Harvest


There was a serious hankering for some tacos for this shabbat meal.  You know how craving just come out of know where.  This was no different.  I prepared the meal, and as sun was setting I wandered out onto my patio to be in awe of the abundance of snap peas.  As if the rains of the other day had made them all pop out with the true SNAP, in the snap peas.

I am truly thankful that my wife had sowed these seed while it was still winter.  We have been just about supplementing our meals and salads with a few snap peas.  There is really nothing quite as satisfying as bringing in something that you had grown and being able to say a shabbat grace over that food.

I wish you all a fabulous day of rest.

Be thankful for all that we sow.  For what we sow will come back to us.  Make sure we so the seeds of love and compassion and a few sweet snap peas for good health.


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