The Gregorian Year is Just about Over, Pause

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Time To Pause

The Gregorian year of 2012 is quickly coming to an end.  The banks will soon shutter their doors for the next couple days.  Japanese hustle about making preparations for the new year.  I myself have spent the last few days in the time honored Japanese tradition of cleaning the home from top to bottom in the middle of a frigid winter.  I don’t understand it, but it is a tradition.

I finally have time to pause for a minute an collect my thoughts, and attempt to get my energy focused and enjoy the time off from everything.

Make sure you all take the time to pause.  If you so feel it, reflect on the year, and the coming year ahead.



Oh So Lonely

Friday, December 21st, 2012

So Lonely

I’m so lonely.  I am here at Funabashi station, just waiting.  No one is here for me.  I am not even sitting on a proper seat.  I am sitting where most people put their bags and PET bottles full of tea.

I can’t remember how long I have been here.  I was having a good ole time with my human and then they put me down.  I didn’t really think much of it at the time.  The station announcement came on that a train heading for Mitaka was coming and my human jumped up out of the slightly comfortable yellow seat and jumped on the train.  I watched with my black eyes until the train rolled out of sight.

I am so lonely.  Will my human come back for me?  I really don’t know.  I keep on hearing the station melodies play as the east and west bound trains arrive at the platform.  I keep my eyes peeled hoping that my human has come back for me.  I really can’t understand why I am here.

It is so cold today too.  My human kept me close this morning.  It felt so good to feel their heat on my raggedy fur.

Ah, is that my human coming back for me?  Could it really be my human returning to scoop me up in their arms?  No, it is just another false hope.  All these humans look the same to me.

I am so lonely at Funabashi station.  I wish I had remembered to put on my scarf this morning. Sigh.  Oh, so lonely.


We Won’t Believe the Hype

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Not Hand Power

The dust from the snap election in Japan may be over but that doesn’t mean that all is well. People of all shades and character are pretty fed up with government here in Japan.  I, for one, will never place trust in the hands of politricksters.  They are only bound to disappoint us all with their ego, greed, and money.

I place my faith in higher hands.  I place my love in my heart, I try my hardest to lead a good life.  I will take the nonsense that the politrickters dish out to us, and transform it into beauty spiced with love.

Egotistical, nationalistic posters, transform before my eyes into beautiful works of passion.

We No Trust Plastic Smile


Word Sound, No Power

We Who Feel It, Know It, Livicated to those Who Are Suffering

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Heart A Flame for Those that Suffer

There is no real use in trying to make sense of this tragedy.  The is an aching in our hearts, an emptiness in all who hear the horrific news.  It is profoundly difficult to express through, words, images, or even thoughts.  Some of us can find some comfort in out holy books, but that can never fully express the pain we all are feeling of the loss of life.

Not just for the innocents, but for all that are suffering.  For all of those out there where daily existence is a struggle.  These are the days that will force a society to seek comfort in each other.  We need to be there for each other with hearts glowing with love.  Our love can never erase the pain, the suffering, or the evil; however, the love that we share will help all with the healing process.

On this day of rest, let us re-livicate our lives to seeking, and giving love.

In memory to all those who suffer, are suffering, and will suffer.

Jacob Schere


Sometimes You Just Have to Pause

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Dusk Along the River

There are times to rush about, and then there are times to be still, and just be.  Yesterday was one of those times to just be.  Biking back home these crisp winter days the skies light up as if to be a private display of awe.  Rich honey soaked oranges meld into shades of pink from the brightest patches of our imaginations.

I find that I have to be careful and pay attention to my biking skills as I am often distracted by the golden displays.  The road is still quite bumpy as Shin Uryayasu is still in the process of repairing all the damage caused by the earthquake on March 11, 2011.

There is one bridge, that is currently under reconstruction, that spans a river that let out into Tokyo Bay.  The construction crews have built a temporary ramp made of scaffolding and plywood.  They have laid cubist strips along the way so that those crossing the bridge can do it without slipping.  It does make for a bumpy ride.  Yesterday as I turned the corner and came to a flat landing I just had to pause.  The light, the reflection, the moment of silence was so beautiful.  I had to allow myself the moment to just be one with the dusk. Let the radiating liquid honey warm my soul.

You just got to do it.  Just stop everything and just be.  It is really quite that simple.


It’s Got to be Organic Flow

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Organic Flow Trio
Organic Flow Trio

When the flow has got to be organic it is time to listen up and heed the word sound power of Organic Flow.  Our latest addition to the Lucid Thoughts section of Lucid Communication features the crew,Organic Flow.  They are currently based in Miami, but its roots stretch back to Grand Rapids Michigan, where two brothers, soon to be known as Choppy Blades and White Fang, who were more into athletics than rhymes discovered the world of Hip Hop.

I got the chance to hang out with the Organic Flow crew when I was down in Miami in spring.  We had a fantastic photo shoot.  Organic flow has just dropped their most recent album “Get Down Syndrome.”  The album is a collaboration of the current Organic Flow members and features some guest cuts by the Brass King and DJ Slice.  Also it features Sekajipo, Final Second on the mic.

I caught up with Choppy Blades the other day to get him to share his thoughts on his music and Hip Hop means to him.

What track first got you into Hip Hop?

Wow great question. I wish I could answer that question but I can’t because it wasn’t a song that got me into hip hop, it was the culture. Me and my brothers grew up as athletes. My parents always loved music in general so we were exposed to a lot of radio and singing in church and school. I just knew that I liked sports and music (and drawing too but mostly cartoon characters). Then my neighborhood brothers introduced me to rap music, dancing, and freestyle flowing. We would hoop in the drive way with mad random kids and blast any hip hop cassette tape we had. Not always in our drive way but if it wasn’t ours it was another kid within a 3 block radius. I just remember the culture taking over our neighborhood like the plague…lol. We all were sharing tapes, working on dance moves (actually I was watching cuz a white boy needed to learn he had rhythm), trying to get the freshest kicks, spitting freestyles raps, or hooping in the drive way while blasting our boombox. I loved everything about hip hop. I became hip hop and have never looked back.

When did you first pick up a mic or a turntable, what was it?

At about 14 or 15 I acquired one of those small but decent karaoke machines with a 2 mic hook up and dual tape deck. Me and my boy Shawn would record songs to instrumentals we got off cassette singles. I think I was 18 when me and my crew the Swollen Headz first hit the stage at Maxi’s in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. Straight ghetto club. They weren’t ready for a multicultural hip hop group. In fact, G-Rap in general wasn’t ready for that.

How did you come up with the name Organic Flow?

Well, the Swollen Headz broke up on good terms due to the fact that we all had different life situations that limited our ability to commit to a group. So me an my brother Dave (White Fang) decided to start a new movement. We simply wanted to encompass life into our flow, name, etc… Life comes from organic material and the message comes from the flow so we just combined the 2 to create “Organic Flow”.

Who are the members of Organic Flow?

Man it’s a long list. We have a motto, “once a part of Organic Flow, always a part of Organic Flow”. All the members of Swollen Headz as well as numerous cats in Miami: Choppy Blades, White Fang, Color Com, Everest, Doom, Mumra, Mean Malo, Leaf, G-Funk, Mimi, Spaz, DJ V, Viper aka Emerg, Disco D, & Fane. I hope I didn’t forget anybody!

What is the goal of Organic Flow?

We just want to stay true to hip hop culture. I could rant for hours about how hip hop has been pimped for every possible cent by an industry that cares nothing about it’s cultural significance or it’s potential social impact but it’s probably just best if we move on.

How does your music communicate with others?

I hope through emotion. Every rhyme that we spit has been written from an emotional perspective. The beats are made the same way. Whether it’s anger, joy, disgust, fear, anticipation, trust, pity, or shame, we just communicate what we are feeling. We know that our lyrics may be somewhat unorthodox, politically incorrect, offensive, or just plain weird. One thing you can always count on with us is that we don’t conform to anyone else’s vision of what we should be or even what hip hop should be. We try and stay honest with ourselves and sometimes that means offending pop rap lover. It’s not intentional but it is honest. You can’t please everyone and we know that very well

You are involved with PATH (Preserving Archiving and Teaching Hip Hop) why is this important to you?

Because of hip hop’s future. I can simply say that I am blessed to be able to volunteer for PATH. Brimstone127 and his beautiful wife Natty have made hip hop’s cultural preservation a priority in their lives and I wish to do the same. By teaching the elements of hip hop culture while instilling social responsibility, civic duty, and the importance of education to youth, they are making a difference not just in individual lives but in the way an entire culture is perceived. So many great people are a part of PATH too. Sekajipo Genes, The BrassKing, Trek 6, Supreme Aaron King, New Cre, and so many more are involved in PATH. I am just blessed to have worked with some of them. I appreciate you linking me with PATH but my contributions are miniscule compared to the people I just mentioned.

You also run the website Hip Hop News Miami, can you tell us a little about it?

Yes. is a community hip hop site that was designed to be an exclusive social networking tool for Miami hip hop artists as well as promote authentic hip hop culture while cutting off the fat of commercial pop rap. The site consists of an area wide event calendar that only showcases local events that won’t be confused with pop rap shows. There are blogs written about various topics pertaining to hip hop including event reviews and previews. There is a page dedicated to area artists videos and don’t sleep on the “knockouts” page where you can see me either getting knocked out or knocking some Miami hip hop player out. Hilarious. Also the legendary Miami hip hop crew PLAN BEATS has an exclusive page so everyone can stay current with what they are up to.

Where can we listen to your tracks online, and find out the latest on Organic Flow? 

You can find us at and download our album “Get Down Syndrome” for FREE at Also you can read my blogs on

Choppy Blades thank you so much for taking time to tell the Lucid Communication family about Organic Flow and where the real hip hop is at.


White Fang and Choppy Blades, Organic Flow

White Fang and Choppy Blades
Organic Flow Crew Shot

The Organic Flow Crew

Early Return of the Ice Fungi, Ice Needles, しもばしら

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Ice Fungi, 2012, Kasai 02

I am always completely captivated by the arrival of the ice needles, or as I have penned them as ice fungi.  This wonderful creations occur when the air temperature drops below freezing yet the ground stays above freezing.  A wicking of the moisture begins and as it encounters the frigid air the water freezes.  They often have heads of earth with in my fanciful eye take after the spontaneous nature of fungus.

As far as I can remember this is the earliest in winter that I have seen them.  I usually do not encounter them until mid January.  It was, for this Miami boy, a cold night; however, it was beautiful to notice these sprouting next to the bus stop in the early morning hours.

I look forward to ice shrooming this winter to see what I can find.
Ice Fungi, 2012, Kasai 01

Lime Green MOZE Under Maihama Bridge

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Lime Green MOZE Tag, Under Maihama Bridge

I can never get enough MOZE for my collection.  This writer’s work keeps popping up in my neighborhood, and I came across a relatively recent one under the Maihama Bridge on the Tokyo side.  The tag just grabbed me.  MOZE first tagged in black, and then went over the tag in a lime green paint that just made it POP.  Like I said I can never get enough MOZE.

I really wonder who is MOZE?  Where is he from?  Who is the KDC crew that MOZE represents.  Maybe not knowing is part of the allure of hunting for those MOZE tags, and throw ups.  Keep on representing the 03, Edogawa Ku, Kasai!

One Love


The Dusk After

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

The Dusk After

Yesterday was quite a day.  The earth trembled with such vigor leaving my home swaying that I thought I was going to be sick.  These earthly rumblings often occur during my preparations for the sabbath.  I was in my kitchen working on a batch of homemade minestrone soup when the earth began rolling.  Back and forth in a motion that put my stomach into my thought.  It didn’t seem to subside.  It just kept on coming and coming.  I turned the gas stove off and readied myself to make a dash for the front door.  Fortunately, it wasn’t necessary  to make the mad run, but it forced me to be vigilant in my disaster preparedness.

I rested most of the day best that I could.  The wind outside was roaring in all the way from siberia.  It still isn’t that cold yet, but I can feel the air drying and the wind is whispering in icy undertones.  I decided to go down to the Bayshore to watch the sun dip behind the horizon.  I hadn’t done it for a while and I new it was exactly whatI needed to settle my restless spirit.

The wind was unrelenting. The palm fronds were bending at 90 degrees bowing down to the Siberian laced wind.  I stared into the the setting sun for so long that I still have sunspots as I am typing this blog.

The time by the water soothed me.  I have always found release and hope from starting out across the water.  Today the soothing was absorbed by my mind, body, and soul.
Seaside Grass Afterglow


Palm Tree After My Own Heart

Momiji Moment of Silence

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Momiji Moment of Silence

The heavy December rains were falling as I made my way in to work on a soggy Tuesday morning.  I was bundled up for the weather as it is my only defense against the cold.  I looked as if the sun would never burst through the clouds, but I was wrong.

Soon after lunch the sun did finally struggle to make a brilliant appearance.  Off to the west the sun’s rays blasted though the clouds while the east was still gray with rain.  The two opposites quietly inhabited the same space.  This is when I found myself wandering through a peaceful temple’s garden gazing at the wondrous momiji (japanese maple).  The colors were reaching their fulfillment as they ripened to hues of burgundy.

The momiji’s colors contrates with the yellow ginko leaves that carpeted the ground.  I was able to steal a moment of stillness.  A moment of just myself enveloped in their hues.  The young children and their mothers no longer entered into my consciousness.  I was at one with the hues.  The hues were as silent as I hope my my soul could be.


Japanese Maple: The Purity of Autumn

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Autumn Momiji Lanterns

I have been completely out of it for the past week and change.  I caught a cold that put my energy at just about zero.  All I wanted to do, all that I could do, was to pull up the covers and remain motionless.

Today was different.  Even though the high for today was only about 8 celsius, I was able to head outdoors for a short cycle ride.  It was good to be out and moving my body even though it was pretty cold for this Miami bred boy.

I am looking forward to spending some time out in the crisp winter air as 2012 quickly is closing out.  This one is from earlier in the week when I was able to get the camera out for a quick shot of the Japanese maple lit up like temple lanterns in the autumn afternoon glow.


a musical matching by Claude Debussy



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