Oh So Lonely

So Lonely

I’m so lonely.  I am here at Funabashi station, just waiting.  No one is here for me.  I am not even sitting on a proper seat.  I am sitting where most people put their bags and PET bottles full of tea.

I can’t remember how long I have been here.  I was having a good ole time with my human and then they put me down.  I didn’t really think much of it at the time.  The station announcement came on that a train heading for Mitaka was coming and my human jumped up out of the slightly comfortable yellow seat and jumped on the train.  I watched with my black eyes until the train rolled out of sight.

I am so lonely.  Will my human come back for me?  I really don’t know.  I keep on hearing the station melodies play as the east and west bound trains arrive at the platform.  I keep my eyes peeled hoping that my human has come back for me.  I really can’t understand why I am here.

It is so cold today too.  My human kept me close this morning.  It felt so good to feel their heat on my raggedy fur.

Ah, is that my human coming back for me?  Could it really be my human returning to scoop me up in their arms?  No, it is just another false hope.  All these humans look the same to me.

I am so lonely at Funabashi station.  I wish I had remembered to put on my scarf this morning. Sigh.  Oh, so lonely.


2 Responses to “Oh So Lonely”

  1. DeDe Says:

    That’s a very sad story… 🙁

  2. Jacob Says:

    it is.
    think how teddy feels
    lost and abandoned, at busy funabashi station…..

    thanks De De


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