Time Tripping from Tokyo to Miami by Way of Africa

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Time Tripping Miami, Africa, Tokyo



The mood has been set.  The last images have been burned into the mind the the power of celluloid story weaving.  Sprockets pull the images into a flickering pace as the melodies ring fantastic.  The time tripping has begun.

Sandy beaches ran through my mental fingers that called out to distant shores. It originates from where we all came from.  There is no denying the time trip fantasia spectacular has snatched me up and taken me for a magic futon ride.

Smooth oceans rocked me a lullaby in off beat steady timing.  My thoughts synched with the rhythms as there is no jet lag on this journey.  Here in my room, my roots shoot up from my unconscious soul and look back at me though the grains of sand washed up on the beach.

The time tripping journey has only just begun.  Drawn though the magnetospheres of space and time leaving only traces visual DNA on my heart.

Let it ride…

The Rain Will Come, The Flower are Out

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Konodai I-Chome with Flowers and Gate


The air was refreshingly cool today.  A sign that the rainy season will begin within the next 10 days or so.  I really don’t mind the rainy season.  It reminds me of Miami.  The rain is pretty constant for about 3 to 4 weeks.  The only real problem for me is that I don’t get as much of a chance to ride my bicycle.

The skies were filled with clouds in all directions which muted all the hues, and let the colors pop off against the grayness of the asphalt.  The hydrangeas are just starting to bloom, another nod that the rainy season is coming.

The rains will come.  Droplets falling from the heavens will wash away our sins.  The rivers near my home will swell and turn into rushes of chocolate colored milk.

Be in tune with the natural world that surrounds us, even if that nature is filled with concrete and high powered wires.

Looking Searching Seeking Finding in Okachimachi

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Looking at Okachimachi with Corrugated Wall and Tree


The day was cool.  Much cooler than it should have been for a late May day, but we should enjoy the break from the heat and enjoy the coolness before it is gone till autumn.

It was late in the afternoon as the sun stayed hidden behind the clouds.  The Okachimachi streets I wandered around were quiet, all the offices were closed.  The homes stood empty.

Looking for me as much I was looking for them. They are out there waiting to be seen framed shuttered and admired.

Just the streets, the gardens, the people, and how they all intersect.

Lined Up Street Garden with Tags and Text

Windy Weeds Concrete Canyons and Cool Breezes

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Riverside Waves of Weeds with Concrete Canyons


I really don’t want to say it, but I was actually a little chilly this morning.  I awoke this sabbath under graying skies with cool breezes blowing in across Tokyo Bay.  It was a day that just called on me to go out and explore the neighborhood and completely FULLjoy shabbat being outside.

I needed to throw on a light windbreaker to keep me comfy.  I wasn’t the only one out enjoying this lovely break in the quickly warming temperatures.  The weeds were blowing up the embankment into the concrete canyons made up by the danchi of Nagisa New Town.

I was in my element.  Being one with the wind, the concrete, and the water.  I hope you all get to enjoy the rest and be out in Creation.




Across the Kyo Edogawa River to Urayasu

On the Industrial Side of Life

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Light Industrial Front with Green Loquat, Urayasu



The weather was gorgeous.  As usual some were complaining that it was hot, but to this south Florida native it was the perfect kind of weather.  It is the kind where the sun shines bright and warms all of the body down to the soul.  Yet, there is more.  The breeze was cool, and if I stepped into the shade it was more than pleasant.

I decided to take the long way home and cut through the light industrial.  This is the side of Urayasu no one really talks about.  It isn’t the glitzy rising towers of New Urayasu (ShinUrayaysu), nor is it the quickly fading narrow streets of the original fishing village.  It is miles away from the safe fantasy zone of Tokyo Disney Land.

This is the light industrial and shipping wharfs of Urayasu. Trucks rumble down large streets.  Machines clank and crunch as plasma torches slice through sheets of metal.  It is a gritty wonderland for me.  There is also a green side.  Most of the factories have small gardens, fruit trees, and potted flowers.

A continuing quest to find the truth in my surroundings.  A never ending search to see what the world in its ugly beauty has to show me.


Greeted with Flowers and a Skewed Wall

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Bushy Flowers with Skewed Wall


Today was one of those days that never really went anywhere other than a bit of frustration.  I did let myself down and the stress got to me.  However, I resolved that I wouldn’t let me down for long.

On Tuesdays I usually walk through an old Buddhist temple on my way to the station.  I enjoy those few moments away from the rush of people, and just the quiet serenity of the area.  I rounded on the outside of the large gate and stood at the top of a stone stairway and just breathed.  The sun was out stronger than ever today but this little spot in the shade atop a hill was ultra pleasant.  I just stood there looking at the shadows, taking in the scents, letting go of whatever stress had got of me.

After a few moments I walked down the steps.  There was a man halfway down the steps in front of me taking pictures, and and elderly gentleman on his way up as part of an exercise routine.

Once I reached the bottom and was out in the sun again, it hit me how intense the sun was.  I wandered around on my way to the station.  Just taking my time, and pausing now and then to snap a photograph.

A patch of red caught my eye, and I entered into a small urban park turned around and saw this clump of red flowers.  Never had really noticed them before.  That is the challenge.  To walk the same streets, and still be amazed daily.

There is nothing more therapeutic to my soul as framing a photograph, pressing the shutter, and now writing an accompaniment.

The Eye in the Sky Watching I

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Flower Patch Gate Secruity Camera Eye On


Yesterday and Today have been gorgeous days.  The weather is warm without being hot.  The strong cool breeze keeping all happy.  I took a cycle trip around my neighborhood yesterday in preparation for the coming shabbath.  The sun kept me warm just as the winds kept me cool.  I couldn’t have asked for more gorgeous day.

All at once some fragrance hit me.  It was honey-like in its aroma that caused me to stop.  Then there is was, a trellis of rosebushes in full bloom.  It was the back entrance to a danchi (large apartment building) in Nishi Kasai.  As I was eyeing the flowers and enjoying the fragrance the building was eyeing me back.  Posted on the gate was a sign stating that I was on security camera.

Nothing is perfect, is it?  It still was a great day out.


Feline Protecting the Gates

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Japanese Bobtail Feline Protecting the Gates in Kasai, Tokyo


It was another of those days when world’s weather doesn’t know if it is spring or summer.  In the sun the weather was warm, bordering of perfection.  In the shade there was a bit of a dry chill.  The breeze was starting to stiffen up as it rolled in from the bay.

All in all a good day to be out in the streets and enjoying the simple beauty of my Kasai neighborhood.  Compacted suburban gardens, a father and a son tossing a baseball back and forth, and then their was this soldier.

Perched on a lookout post in fron of it’s owner’s gates.  There he sat in the warm sunlight. His eyes followed me as I stood in front of the gates. He never took his eyes off me.  There was no malice.  It was quite simple, he was letting me know that this was his space, and I had entered into it.

Just another soldier in the neighborhood.  The feline variety with a bobtail.


Mother’s Day in the Neighborhood

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Concrete Flower Wall Mother's Day

Flowers for all the mothers in the world.  Those mothers that  know and and those that I don’t.  I especially want to thank my own mother Madelyn for being there for me.  Much love to all.


White Stone in my Girl’s Hands

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

White Stone in My Girl's Hands


There she was on a windy Friday afternoon.  She is always in the same spot.  She is there no matter the weather.  Sitting quietly on a small polished podium surrounded by flowers.  She waits patiently at the head of a small creak.

Her skin is youthfully smooth, polished and glistens in the sunshine.  Although she speaks of eternal youth, her skin has a burnished patina.  She is my girl.  She has been ever since I moved into my neighborhood.

It doesn’t matter that she may be made of bronze, I still adore her.  Her hands are outstretched in anticipation of the gifts she will receive from the neighborhood’s children.  Today I spotted her sporting a beautiful crystalized white stone.

I look forward to crossing paths with her soon.


Zen Garden Moment in my Hood

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Zen Garden Hood in the Afternoon


Garden Zen Moment in the Neighborhood 

A day is as long as the muscles are sore.

The breeze blows over the rippling bay.

The sweat on one’s brow is about to break as the weather

lays wedged between spring and summer.

Rubber skids slides along the pebbly asphalt.

A home passed a thousand times beckons the eye.

Pupils dilate and  follows the rubber to a halt.

Concrete blocks, plastic planters, metallic hooks, are one with sculpted branches.

A mind rests, the eyes are dazzled.

All is a silent moment in the hood.


Windy Blown Answer

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

WIndy Blown Answer, Minmai Kasai, Tokyo

There is a saying out in old California that when the Santa Ana winds blow, all bets are off.  It appears to have happened here in Tokyo.  Those unpredictable winds seem have swept their way clear across the Pacific Ocean pulsate over Tokyo.

The skies in the morning were spotless.  It was nothing but an endless skyscape of blue.  By the afternoon the winds had pushed a collection of fast moving clouds as they raced over the land.

I stepped off the bus and just stared out at the sky.  There was one tiny wisp of cloud over my neighborhood.  I knew it was only a moment.  I knew that it would vanish before I finished my walk home.

It was time to be in the moment.  The time to push the shutter, and capture that slice of moment in way that only photography can.

It was my Windy Blown Answer.





Y Tree Home

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Y Tree with Crumbling Home


This home is on my way to the bus stop in Okubo, Chiba.  It has been there for years.  I noticed on my most recent passing that the storefront and the home has been abandoned.  The building is so decrepit that the owner has draped netting and has roped off most of the home to attempt to keep it from further crumbling.

I really doubt if it will do any good.  The next large shaker that hits the Chiba area will demolish this home.  It is shame because this home has so much character, but it has out lived its ability to stand on its own.

Just a sweet object to gaze at on my way home.


Outer Wall, All Stone

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

1.6 Meter, Fukagawa Fudōson Temple (深川不動尊)


On my stroll through Monzenakascho I skirted the outer wall of the Fukagawa Fudōson Temple (深川不動尊).  There was a time when I photographed nothing but the urban fragments of my Tokyo environment.  Since the disasters of March 11th, I  have become fascinated by the fragments of nature in the confinement of the city.

This wall was an exception.  In the several dozen images taken on my wandering this was the only one that had no plant life in it.  Well, there is a little.  There are some molds and lichens making their home on the old stone wall.  It just captivated my attention and caused me to push the shutter.

A bit of revisiting where I have been so that I know where I shall go.


Avoiding the Crowds in Monzenakacho

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Sub Door with Potted Plants, Monzennakacho


It took me quite a lot to get motivated today.  I’m not sure why.  It just seemed like quite a pain to get myself to leave the comfiness of my home.  It was partially due to the weather that had turned a bit cooler in the last 12 hours that I needed to throw on a hoody to keep warm.

I finally gulped down a glass of my homemade espresso and jumped on my bicycle to the station.  I really had no destination in mind.  I just knew I didn’t want to go anywhere crowded.  I just wanted to be on the street with my camera.  I decided to keep to the Tozai line and I got off at Monzennakacho Station.  An area known for it’s large shrine and temple and back alley restaurants.

My wandering started off slowly.  I went left where everyone else went right.  It took a while to get into the rhythm of the wandering and the clicking, but it all began to sync up.  I lost track of time.  I lost track of where I was.  All I had to choose, was straight, left, or right.

The clicking became easy.  Homes angles, potted plants all lined up for my enjoyment.  The streets were for the most part empty except for the occasional housewife, and school children.

Sometimes the hardest part of a journey is just getting started; however, once started the journey is never completed.


Door with Ferns and Bicycle, Monzennakacho



Green Potted Plant with Sliding Door, Monzennakacho



Ledge with Potted Plants, and Potted Plants Door, Monzennakacho

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