On the Industrial Side of Life

Light Industrial Front with Green Loquat, Urayasu



The weather was gorgeous.  As usual some were complaining that it was hot, but to this south Florida native it was the perfect kind of weather.  It is the kind where the sun shines bright and warms all of the body down to the soul.  Yet, there is more.  The breeze was cool, and if I stepped into the shade it was more than pleasant.

I decided to take the long way home and cut through the light industrial.  This is the side of Urayasu no one really talks about.  It isn’t the glitzy rising towers of New Urayasu (ShinUrayaysu), nor is it the quickly fading narrow streets of the original fishing village.  It is miles away from the safe fantasy zone of Tokyo Disney Land.

This is the light industrial and shipping wharfs of Urayasu. Trucks rumble down large streets.  Machines clank and crunch as plasma torches slice through sheets of metal.  It is a gritty wonderland for me.  There is also a green side.  Most of the factories have small gardens, fruit trees, and potted flowers.

A continuing quest to find the truth in my surroundings.  A never ending search to see what the world in its ugly beauty has to show me.


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