Danchi Beautiful : Solo Show in Japan

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008


A debut collection of new photographs and paintings,featur-

ing images from Danchi life, and the struggle to create 

community.  Come join Jacob in celebrating his work at the 

opening party,  or stop by and view the work when you can. 

Opening Party:     Sep 27 at 7pm at Plumeria Cafe, Urayasu.






Nightscape on top of The Mori Building, Tokyo

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Took my friend Ska, from France to the top of the Mori building to get a feel the vast, sprawling city that is Tokyo. Was able to click off a few images. The city goes on and on, only does it pause at the edge of the bay, when at times they just reclaim the land and keep on going.

Sprawl 2008 Tokyo

I Had a Hand in This 2008 Tokyo



To Where 2008 Tokyo


Republicans Hijacked 9/11 and m2c reflection

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

america is not for sale




ny alarm




no w more hate


Harlem Hop in Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem NYC 2008

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

I had the pleasure to venture uptown to Harlem when I was in NYC last month to go to a hip hop jam. To say this was an old school event would be an understatement, this was an ORIGINAL school event. It wasn’t an event to be watched, it was an event to participate and just chill out in. The organizers TOOLS of WAR, Grass Roots Hip Hop, featuring Grand Master Caz from the Cold Crush Brothers, Pop Master Fabel, in attendance to just vibe and meet up with each other, Crazy Legs Rock Steady Crew, Grand Wizard Theodore, ( this is the man that created scratching), his Mean Gene, Bobitto Garcia, The Original Jazzy Jay, and others that started the movement that we call Hip Hop. It was such a relaxed chill event up in Harlem on fading summer day.

Peep out the other Jams hosted by Tools of WAR grass roots hip hop



GrandMaster Caz




PopMaster Fable and GrandMaster Caz


Mean Gene


GrandMaster Caz and Brimstone 127


Sound Power

Posi+tve Magazine: Doors and Gates

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Recently released by Posi+tive magazine a new issue 03 featuring a set of images called Doors and Gates.

To check the website click here Posi+tive.

Here is the introduction to the images.

We use gates to control the flow of
humans. to lock people out.
to feel safe. same with door.
they are the entry way into other
worlds.  to go from the community
to the private.  when they are open
we are free to move.  when closed,
locked and chained, we protect our
secrets.  we wonder what lies beyond
the door. Example, there was a festi-
val near my home the other day.  Most
doors, and gates were wide open.
The community had chosen to let ev-
eryone flow in and out of their own
personal space.  It was beautiful.




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