Harlem Hop in Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem NYC 2008

I had the pleasure to venture uptown to Harlem when I was in NYC last month to go to a hip hop jam. To say this was an old school event would be an understatement, this was an ORIGINAL school event. It wasn’t an event to be watched, it was an event to participate and just chill out in. The organizers TOOLS of WAR, Grass Roots Hip Hop, featuring Grand Master Caz from the Cold Crush Brothers, Pop Master Fabel, in attendance to just vibe and meet up with each other, Crazy Legs Rock Steady Crew, Grand Wizard Theodore, ( this is the man that created scratching), his Mean Gene, Bobitto Garcia, The Original Jazzy Jay, and others that started the movement that we call Hip Hop. It was such a relaxed chill event up in Harlem on fading summer day.

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