Posi+tve Magazine: Doors and Gates

Recently released by Posi+tive magazine a new issue 03 featuring a set of images called Doors and Gates.

To check the website click here Posi+tive.

Here is the introduction to the images.

We use gates to control the flow of
humans. to lock people out.
to feel safe. same with door.
they are the entry way into other
worlds.  to go from the community
to the private.  when they are open
we are free to move.  when closed,
locked and chained, we protect our
secrets.  we wonder what lies beyond
the door. Example, there was a festi-
val near my home the other day.  Most
doors, and gates were wide open.
The community had chosen to let ev-
eryone flow in and out of their own
personal space.  It was beautiful.




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