Expired Fuhicrome Rocks it Like no Other in My World.

Scrambling though one of my cabinet the other day, and came a cross a shrink wrapped pack of a dozen rolls of Fujicrome.  Only to be deflated, when all the film bunked it several years ago.  I though what the freaking hell, I hate wasting, so I popped a roll into my contax T3 and loaded into my gear.  It will go where ever i did for the next several days.  I just gotta know was it any good all will it all just be come landfill to build the next towers project in Tokyo?

The pics came back great.  Good saturations, little grain, nice clean fun.  I left it a lot to chance.  If it was all bunk i probably whould be here telling you how wonderful it is to use past due film.  But in the end all that really matters is just using any film, and camera, going out there and getting that emotions down on celluloid or pixels.






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