10 Reasons I LOVE SKI my new Fuji Instant

I got a lucky Fuji Instant Camera for my bday from my mate Tomo. This is the first 10 images I shot with it. Unedited and direct to you all. Its great to be out there with this little gadget, hearing that winding sound as the picture comes shooting out the side. you know there are more pics more to come.


1.  Has the great fuji color saturation.


2.  It makes that lovely automatic whirling sound as it pops out the side.


3.  It so easy to use even my mom could use it.  She is completely technically challenged.


4.  Low tech sometimes beats the pants off of high tech.


5.  It makes you work with in the limitations.


6.  It is much more eco friendly than Polaroid.  No battery is in the film pack,so less waste.


7.  You can hold the image in your hand, seconds after you take the picture.


8.  Fun at parties, events, and total strangers.


9.  Adds another fresh camera to my arsenal so I can hit the streets running.


10.  I look cool in my specs, and with those colors.








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