Windy Weeds Concrete Canyons and Cool Breezes

Riverside Waves of Weeds with Concrete Canyons


I really don’t want to say it, but I was actually a little chilly this morning.  I awoke this sabbath under graying skies with cool breezes blowing in across Tokyo Bay.  It was a day that just called on me to go out and explore the neighborhood and completely FULLjoy shabbat being outside.

I needed to throw on a light windbreaker to keep me comfy.  I wasn’t the only one out enjoying this lovely break in the quickly warming temperatures.  The weeds were blowing up the embankment into the concrete canyons made up by the danchi of Nagisa New Town.

I was in my element.  Being one with the wind, the concrete, and the water.  I hope you all get to enjoy the rest and be out in Creation.




Across the Kyo Edogawa River to Urayasu

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