The Eye in the Sky Watching I

Flower Patch Gate Secruity Camera Eye On


Yesterday and Today have been gorgeous days.  The weather is warm without being hot.  The strong cool breeze keeping all happy.  I took a cycle trip around my neighborhood yesterday in preparation for the coming shabbath.  The sun kept me warm just as the winds kept me cool.  I couldn’t have asked for more gorgeous day.

All at once some fragrance hit me.  It was honey-like in its aroma that caused me to stop.  Then there is was, a trellis of rosebushes in full bloom.  It was the back entrance to a danchi (large apartment building) in Nishi Kasai.  As I was eyeing the flowers and enjoying the fragrance the building was eyeing me back.  Posted on the gate was a sign stating that I was on security camera.

Nothing is perfect, is it?  It still was a great day out.


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