Feline Protecting the Gates

Japanese Bobtail Feline Protecting the Gates in Kasai, Tokyo


It was another of those days when world’s weather doesn’t know if it is spring or summer.  In the sun the weather was warm, bordering of perfection.  In the shade there was a bit of a dry chill.  The breeze was starting to stiffen up as it rolled in from the bay.

All in all a good day to be out in the streets and enjoying the simple beauty of my Kasai neighborhood.  Compacted suburban gardens, a father and a son tossing a baseball back and forth, and then their was this soldier.

Perched on a lookout post in fron of it’s owner’s gates.  There he sat in the warm sunlight. His eyes followed me as I stood in front of the gates. He never took his eyes off me.  There was no malice.  It was quite simple, he was letting me know that this was his space, and I had entered into it.

Just another soldier in the neighborhood.  The feline variety with a bobtail.


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