Time Tripping from Tokyo to Miami by Way of Africa

Time Tripping Miami, Africa, Tokyo



The mood has been set.  The last images have been burned into the mind the the power of celluloid story weaving.  Sprockets pull the images into a flickering pace as the melodies ring fantastic.  The time tripping has begun.

Sandy beaches ran through my mental fingers that called out to distant shores. It originates from where we all came from.  There is no denying the time trip fantasia spectacular has snatched me up and taken me for a magic futon ride.

Smooth oceans rocked me a lullaby in off beat steady timing.  My thoughts synched with the rhythms as there is no jet lag on this journey.  Here in my room, my roots shoot up from my unconscious soul and look back at me though the grains of sand washed up on the beach.

The time tripping journey has only just begun.  Drawn though the magnetospheres of space and time leaving only traces visual DNA on my heart.

Let it ride…

2 Responses to “Time Tripping from Tokyo to Miami by Way of Africa”

  1. Luna Says:

    Your writing takes my breath away^^

  2. Jacob Says:

    thank you so much luna…
    i was so inspired after watching the masterpiece Badlands
    buy Terrance Malick… i knew i had to react, to do something
    different. this is what bubbled up out of my soul…


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