What You See Doesn’t Always Define Me

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Who am I?  This is a question that has had philosophers’ heads swirling for millenniums.  I am positive that our ancestor sat around the campfire looking up into the limitless heavens and thought about their own answers to this question of all questions.  Tales have been written on velum and papyrus to attest to their search.

A friend not to long ago asked that of myself, and I was only able to answer by saying what I am not.  It was a start but it was not the end of the tale.  Is it important to know what you are not before you can answer with what you are?  I am not my clothes and flesh.  For these covering are only temporal and will rot.

I am not a tightly constructed object that can be described in a historical text.  There is more.  There is much more to all of us, if we want to know the answers.

I am searching answers to the question.  I seek truth that heals my soul.  The truth that brings love into my heart, and those who surround me.  There are many false paths along the way, and only though proper guidance from the Most High, may I avoid these pitfalls.

I become frustrated with myself when other do not share the love and respect as the foundation of human interaction.  Much of these troubles come from most people never take the steps to really reflect on who they are and what is their purpose.

I continue to search for truth, and my camera lens will be the opener, my communicator of that journey.




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