We Who Feel It, Know It, Livicated to those Who Are Suffering

Heart A Flame for Those that Suffer

There is no real use in trying to make sense of this tragedy.  The is an aching in our hearts, an emptiness in all who hear the horrific news.  It is profoundly difficult to express through, words, images, or even thoughts.  Some of us can find some comfort in out holy books, but that can never fully express the pain we all are feeling of the loss of life.

Not just for the innocents, but for all that are suffering.  For all of those out there where daily existence is a struggle.  These are the days that will force a society to seek comfort in each other.  We need to be there for each other with hearts glowing with love.  Our love can never erase the pain, the suffering, or the evil; however, the love that we share will help all with the healing process.

On this day of rest, let us re-livicate our lives to seeking, and giving love.

In memory to all those who suffer, are suffering, and will suffer.

Jacob Schere


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