Japanese Maple: The Purity of Autumn

Autumn Momiji Lanterns

I have been completely out of it for the past week and change.  I caught a cold that put my energy at just about zero.  All I wanted to do, all that I could do, was to pull up the covers and remain motionless.

Today was different.  Even though the high for today was only about 8 celsius, I was able to head outdoors for a short cycle ride.  It was good to be out and moving my body even though it was pretty cold for this Miami bred boy.

I am looking forward to spending some time out in the crisp winter air as 2012 quickly is closing out.  This one is from earlier in the week when I was able to get the camera out for a quick shot of the Japanese maple lit up like temple lanterns in the autumn afternoon glow.


a musical matching by Claude Debussy



2 Responses to “Japanese Maple: The Purity of Autumn”

  1. Bonsai Guy Says:

    Great shot! Did you take that picture of the tree?

  2. Jacob Says:

    thank you Bonsai Guy!

    i appreciate the comment. i did get a shot of a different tree
    here. Purity of Autumn, The Japanese Maple (momiji 紅葉)

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