Plan Beats Knows how to Rock an Old School Block Party

Soulchild, Brass King, Silverfox, Choppy Blades, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami

The Hiphop crew Plan Beats formed in Miami in the mid 90s.  Originally formed to push the Hiphop trio Plan Be.  Plan Be’s core members were Brimstone, Raganese, and Hattrick.  The Plan Be studio aka The Beehive was located in the heart of Kendal on 127th street.  The Plan Be family quickly outgrew the three original members of Plan Be, and the extended Plan Beats was formed.

We fast forward to 2012 to the bursting art scene in the Wynwood section of Miami where the Plan Beats crew has been reuniting to bring the music to the streets. I attended the March 10th Art Walk event.   The Brass King sums up the Plan Beats vibe when he said, “there are no velvet ropes, so leave your attitudes at home!”  Which was so true when I made it to the Plan Beats block party.

There were 4 turntables set up  and maned by The Brass King on the ones and twos, and Silverfoxx on the threes and fours.  Soulchild was armed with a mic and getting the crowd hyped.  And Choppy Blades of Hiphop News Miami was getting UP as much as he cold get down.

For me, it was a real reunion.  I got to see so many peeps that I haven’t seen for a long time.  Trek Six rolled through (actually an original member of the group Plan Be).  I got to see my sista from another mother Soulflower who came through with her daughter in hand.  Seeing Soulflower always brings a smile to my heart!  The Rumba King came though adding a free live bongo to the street jam.  Artists, musicians, even Chor Boogie  in town from San Francisco exclaimed that “this is the real REAL Hiphop!”

The Miami Chapter of Zulu Nation came out to support.  They added their own flavor with some old school popping and locking.  We also had Bebe of Ground Zero crew rock some b-boying out on the concrete.  It was great to see my extended Plan Beats family come out and support the real, in the streets, Hiphop.

There was so much happening at the Plan Beats Street Party.  The crowd was loving the tunes being spun by Silverfoxx and The Brass king.  Old school Hiphop, Salsa, Jamaican Dancehall, and only a Plan Beats Jam could finish off their four hour plus set with Ray Charles Let Me See You Shake Your Tail Feathers, and Hit the Road Jack.  Now those jams are the original Old School.

I was overjoyed to spend such precious time with my Plan Beats family.  It brings a bit of the old mixed in with the fresh new vibes.  I love my Plan Beats crew.

In order to keep up to date with what the Plan Beats crew is doing check out

Hip Hop News Miami for exclusive mixes, and events.

I got to give an extra special shout out to Brimstone127, my brother and PATH founder, who was there only in the spirit, but will be out at the next jam

Lets see what a real block party looks like.

Believe the Hype, Soulchild, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Bebe Ground Zero Crew, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Choppy Blades Gets Up, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Chillski and Zulu Nation Getting Down, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Rhumba King, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Zulu Nation Represent, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


The Cypher, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Brass King, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Crowd Participation, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


The Brass King and Silverfox, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


The Brass King and Silverfox 2, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami


Four Turntables and one Emcee, Soulchild, Plan Beats Art Walk, Miami




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  1. Choppy Blades Says:


  2. Brass King Says:

    I am so proud of this event and so happy you were there to capture these moments…….

  3. Jacob Says:

    thanks Choppy Blades and Brass King!

    it was so much fun being there!

    you guys know how to rock a party!

    from japan to miami
    and back again!!

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