Due West Down Mastin Lake Road, Huntsville, Alabama

Due West on Mastin Lake Road, Huntsville, Alabama

Time has shifted into another realm over the last couple of days.  After the marathon drive from south Florida to Huntsville, Alabama with my brother my concept of time has reverted to a more raw state.

I can’t count the hours.  I don’t feel the minutes.  All I know is that I am surrounded by people that love me.  And some of these people I am meeting for the first time.  It really doesn’t matter.  The love surrounding us has altered my perception of it.

It is beautiful to walk around an unknown neighborhood and just be.  To look at how the Alabamians decorate their yards, paint their houses, and walk down the street.

To watch the colors liquify in the sky as the sun sets over Mastin Lake Road in the foothills of the appalachian mountains.  So beautiful and in all places, Alabama.

Just a taste of the beauty and the love that surrounds us at this moment in our lives.

Peace to all on this shabbat before passover!


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