The Edge of the 10000 Islands

Everglades City with Fishing Line

Our family set off across the bottom tip of Florida this morning to visit my aunt in Ft. Meyers.  I always love the drive across the everglades.  Some people will call it flat and boring, but I call it home.

The endless mounds of hammocks floating on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, or the river of grass that warmly surrounds both sides of highway 41, a.k.a., the Tamiami Trail.

We stopped for a very early dinner in the town of Everglades City, which sits on the edge of the 10000 Islands as they blend into the horizon and eventually meet the Gulf, and the Florida Keys.

Munching on a grouper sandwich I just marveled out across the water.  The houses tucked into the mangroves, the boats on the docks, the birds swarming around trying to get a free meal.  Just a pleasant place to sit still and be.


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