Have You Seen the MOZE Through the Rain?

Have You Seen the MOZE Through the Rain?


Today was an odd one.  It had been steady raining all day and night that it was looking rather bright in the morning as the sun tried to peek out from behind the clouds.

The wind was still blowing and puddles lined the streets.  Once the light rain broke I knew I had a small window to be out and about to get my errands done.  It didn’t take long for the gray skies to return and a light rain started falling.  It really wasn’t that cold at the time, and the rain was light enough that it didn’t bother me in the least.

That is when I caught the MOZE throw up in the park between Kasai and Nishi Kasai stations.  I have seen it many times, and I have even photographed it a few times too, but I never was able to capture this particular piece until today.

The wet sandy earth scrapped under my feet as I saw my world and MOZE’s reflected into the park’s puddles.  Those passages to other worlds right there next to the elevated Tozai train line.  I truly would like to know who is MOZE.  Our paths keep intersecting in paint and pixels.

Should we meet?  Or, would that destroy the thrill of tracking down all these tags, throw ups, and pieces.  I don’t know yet.  All I do know is that I will continue to be on the prowl for MOZE in my hood.



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