Lost on the Way Home. . .

After a night of reveling in the great town of Urayasu, I hopped on by mountain bike for the 15 minute ride back to my house. Just as I was getting to the bridge I noticed this brillantly colored hat waiting politely on the bridge’s railing. Pulled out my trusty lil camera and SNAP… It went from being a lost object to a found object. Kept on my way home, slammed on my braked and came skidding to a halt when I spotted this teddy bear key chain wrapped around a bus stop chair. Again with great dexterity i whip out my camera and SNAP. Another lost object is found.

The following day I headed back to Urayasu in the morning and both objects had vanished. GONE .. Not there. Did thier rightful owners return to claim them?



for more on my lost and found series please visit the PHOTOGRAPHY section.

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