Ysin Embargo Magazine Issue #12 Habitat Habitos

The wonderful magazine Ysin Embargo Issue#12 recently was published with Jacob Schere’s images setting off the mood for the issue. Described by the magazine as:

“the habits of our habitats. Or… habits of those little things that doesn’t appear on tourist-guides but they’re what we remember of cities. Details. The gap between the “modern way of living” and the way most people actually live. Routine’s things. The paradox of an everexpanding interconnected world and people every time more alone. The superficial way of nowadays relationships.”

I explored my surroundings here in Tokyo. What is it that I see everyday in the world that surrounds me. The boy playing on the jungle gym, or the waterway I pass everyday in my comings and goings. In addition other great artist came out in the same issue such as JP Candelier and “R” ZoneTo view the entire issue plase visit the Ysin Embargo Website.To view my images from the magazine please click on the slide show below.yse12_cover


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  1. y sin embargo magazine Says:

    Well done, Jacob!

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