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ISM a Community Project Magazine just released its autumn issue. ISM is a non-profit orgaization dedicated to the promotion and support of the arts. They distribute the magazine internationally. In the autumn 2007 issue features an article on Jacob Schere’s photographic works. Entitiled “Refining and Defining”, with text by Lisa Tanaka. In addition to that essay it features an interview with Shepard Fairey (Obey), and the photographer Diane Arbus, plus many other exciting artist.ISM Magazine is widely distributed throughout the US, Canada, and Australia. ISM: a community project is available at selected Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings, and a wide range of independent bookstores, newsstands and museum shops. Also available though thier website. Please support the arts and pick up a copy. are the images used in the article at a higher resoution.Enjoy, and again, please pick up a copy.REFINING AND DEFININGLISA TANAKA textJACOB SCHERE image”Monet painted haystacks out in the countryside. To him they were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. And literally, he shed light for us on how beautiful something so ordinary can be. For me that’s the challenge. Go out into the world and find those things that I find beautiful. Show the world what captivates and thrills me.”Jacob Schere may be an ordinary man, but he has a not-so-ordinary view of the world. He is the creator of collages, photographs and clothing designs. Living in the centerfolds of Tokyo, Japan has given him insight on how ordinary things can be the most beautiful. One of hi s projects includes a collection of photographs taken of the “lost and found” tradition in Tokyo which is as follows: If someone finds an item that is clearly a lost object, they will place it in a unique place and situation so that the owner may find the item. Schere’s photo collection captures the uniqueness of this culturally insignificant tradition. While this is an everyday practice for the Japanese, Schere has found beauty in the cleverness and conscientiousness of such an act. The care that is put into preparing the the lost items so that they may be found is almost surprising.Though photography Schere has found a way to communicate his view of beauty. “Unfortunately a lot of people don’t ever realize what they have that is beautiful. Or they ignore it and stuff it way down deep. Or even worse they never look for it in the first place. Schere stands out as a photographer because he defines beauty as people in their natural environments. “People are a product of their environment. The smells, sights, and happenings of a neighborhood all rub off on them. The aesthetic of just being in a place and time is a totally unpretentious act.” Some of Schere’s most interesting work is of the simplest things. Schere communicates the idea that something is beautiful for the mere fact that it exists beyond anything else. He can capture a house as it stands alone, but what exactly does he see? Not a representation of a building, but of a home and all that it encompasses; those magical moments that happen in a home between family members when one is alone.While this is a unique talent, it took Schere years to truly acknowledge his abilities. “The process to saying that I have talent, or an ability to really express something took a long time. It was there under the surface somewhere, but truly didn’t bubble up until university and beyond. To keep on refining and defining my way.And Schere continues to define his way. Schere is still growing as an artist and he allows that of himself. He believes that art has healing power, not only individually, but universally. “We let so many things stand in our way, our faith, religions, cultural differences. Rather than see the similarities we only notice what is different. I hope that art can help bring people together. To let them see and experience the world as one people rather than Us and Them. Artists should strive to create these kinds of work. Work that will stimulate ideas, awaken the mind, and overcome injustices.

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