City Link Best of Miami: Brimstone127 Photograph

Brimstone127 has done it again. He has been voted rapper of the year in South Florida by City Link Magazine. His smooth ryhmes and positve works in the community makes him an original Miami B Boy. Included is an original photograph by Jacob Schere.

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City Link best of Miami Brimstone127

This past year, we’ve seen a surfeit of excellent new local hip-hop acts (???Mayday!, anyone?) and newsworthy events from some of South Florida’s stalwarts (both Garcia and DJ Khaled dropped albums, for example). Nevertheless, we keep going back to Seth Schere, a.k.a. Brimstone127. When we booked the rapper and producer at last year’s City Link Music Fest, we had only a vague inkling of who he was. He had to follow a slow set at The Poor House by a crooning singer-songwriter that, while poignant, sucked the energy from the room. By the time Brimstone127 had finished performing, the crowd was on its feet, shouting, moving and electrified. And we damn straight knew his name.

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