Una Al Dia: Book of Poetry

Una Al Dia book of poetry by my good friend Fernando Prats has just been published. It is a collection of Spanish poetry on everyday life. It features a cover photography by myself. Help support the arts and pick up a copy at Lulu.com or you can also down load a free version.

down load a free PDF copy here or purchase a printed form.

to view Fernando’s website http://fernandoprats.com/
“Una al d?a es el resultado de un juego, o de una auto-imposici?n, la de escribir una impresi?n po?tica diaria durante cien d?as. Un juego de pocas reglas que pretend?a adem?s marcar el fin de una experiencia: pan y verdura, un blog in?til. No lo ha logrado, hay que decirlo. Blog y libro siguen libres.” (Pr?logo).

“Una al d?a is the result of a game, or a self-imposition, to write a poetic impression daily for a hundred days. A game of few rules aimed also mark the end of an experience: ‘bread and vegetables’, an useless blog. But that has not succeeded, it must be said. Blog and book remain free.” (Prologue).

ISBN: 978-1-84753-725-6

? 2006 – 2007 Fernando Prats

Cover-Photo: Jacob Schere


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