Underworld Magazine: Featuring Lucid Communication’s Jacob Schere

The ear to the streets Underworld Magazine was totally revamped there website and this includes a feature selection of images by Jacob Schere. Including his Lucid Communication Manifesto. Please take the time to browse though the Underworld website and give the wonderful Magazine an intensive going though.


Lucid Communication Manifesto:

These pictures represent the pursuit to bring together the spirt and practice in photography. The spirt brings guidance and a deeper understanding of the world. It’s mission is to bring the world closer together though the act of stimulating interaction between myself the photographer, the subject and then the viewer. In this the catalyst for the interaction in the camera created image. I strive to seek out the positive, I want to show the negative in such a light that humans will want to reverse and change it into a more spiritual, positive direction. This is the goal of Jacob Schere’s Lucid Communication’s Manifesto.

sqparisliberty copy
Excerpt from Underworld Collection

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