The Fujipet Goes to Miami, 2009

The little vintage analog camera Fujipet made the long journey with me half way across the world to my home town of miami florida.  There I put it to good use as a companion in my runnings, journeys and daily life in South Florida.  The raw, simple tool leaves little between myself and my imagination.


enjoy the images taken in Miami, Key West and the Florida Keys.

Two Chairs  U.S.1.  Florida Keys


Jo-J0's U.S.1


Red Key West Living


Key West Living


Out of Blue


Coral Gables Moat


My Analog Bridge to my Dreams

4 Responses to “The Fujipet Goes to Miami, 2009”

  1. jjc Says:

    that fujipet is killin it!
    these are ill j

    thank you for posting


  2. rob Says:

    These shot are wonderful! Stunning colors! This Fujipet seems to work far away better than any Holga plastic camera I’ve ever seen!
    Need to buy one!!!

    Thanks m2c!


  3. jacob Says:

    thanks rob!! im glad that you liked the images
    the fujipet is a vintage point and shoot made in japan in the
    late 50’s and early 60’s. Even in Japan they are a little hard to find

    this site has all the scoop
    on the Fujipet.


  4. rob Says:

    Thank you Jacob!
    I’ll take a look. 🙂


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