Life, Death and the Beautiful in Between

Headaches makes one take stock, reevaluate, stand up and be counted.  This past week being troubled by headaches even though I am officially off of work, and suppose to be able to relax.  Not able too.  I started thinking back to my trip to Paris in 2007, the trip and love of a lifetime.  To be surrounded by such beautiful culture, good people, like Frederic, Ann Sophie, and Patrick, who helped to introduce my wife and i to their city.  All was beautiful.  My only worry was which film to load, and where should we stop to have a noisette.


This all leads me to here.

Where are we going before our bones lay under the cities walls.  There is so much joy in between.

We need, I need to seek out the joy.  Love the precious life that we are given.


Boy, Steps, Paris, Life

Where We All End Up, Paris Catacombe

2 Responses to “Life, Death and the Beautiful in Between”

  1. jjc Says:

    i can relate alot to the text in this post, and as for the images they are stella as always.

    I’m commin out your way soon and hopefully you won’t be as stressed so we can lock down some incredible images without all the headaches!
    i’ll keep ya posted

  2. jacob Says:

    the middle is the best.
    so live life to the tho the Nth degree!!

    keep me posted.

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