Gabriel Smiled at Me

The skies began to turn purple as I was Walking back home from the station.

The clouds rolled in so fast for a moment I thought I was back in the San Fran Bay Area,

rather than the Tokyo Bay Area.  The clouds swallowed the sun whole.  POOF the warmth was

gone.  Then a eye opened up and Gabriel smiled at me.  I smiled back.

Gabreiel's Eyeing Me

Thursday afternoon in Kasai, Tokyo Japan

2 Responses to “Gabriel Smiled at Me”

  1. jjc Says:

    this is pretty much the most amazing image i have ever seen

  2. jacob Says:

    thanks jjc
    i had had a tough day.
    the skies were purple. i kept on thinkg
    that if i don’t get home sook, i was gonna get slammed
    in the rain.

    as i turned a corner, i looked upi and the Gabriel in the Sky just smiling at me.
    Don’t wory jacob, you ll get home just fine. Amen

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