AHHH, Paris 2 Years, and Still Beautiful

Paris, what a city.  A city so vibrant full of life, beauty and something to catch anyones interest around any corner one chooses to turn.  That was the greatest thing.  The endless wandering from street to avenue to the broad boulevards.  Again a big shout out to Patrick, Sophie and Frederic who made our trip to their city even more enjoyable. 


Another Holga view of Paris.


Obstructed View

#7 Backalley, paris

Chilling in Jardin du Luxembourg

Bent on the Subway, Paris

Round About Paris

2 Responses to “AHHH, Paris 2 Years, and Still Beautiful”

  1. jjc Says:

    word jacob these are ILL!

    holgas and paris is like pb&j, i’ll take mine with the crust still on!

    that was a horrible vignetting joke
    i go now


  2. jacob Says:

    i agree the holga added the right tinge to paris,
    it captured the beauty the grunge the whole vibe of the city.

    i will be back, with holga in hand…

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