Urban Nature ?

Is there such a thing as Urban Nature?

Danchi Stripes

Yard, Rail

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  1. Roxanne Says:

    Oxymoronically, yes. Otherwise, there is always nature fighting back against urbanism, otherwise known as civilization. Nature in urban settings is always fighting for its life. Watch for it! I love when buildings start to get reclaimed by nature… Once a building is abandoned, the green just starts to consume the toxic brick, cinder, cement and black top… Like you can see in your second pic, sorta!

  2. jacob Says:

    nature does have a powerful ability to reclaim what it once had.
    the weeds quickly break though the cracks, and if we come back in
    20, 100 years, what would we see? look at the jungles and how they reclaimed
    the meso america structures.

    let it be free, it is so contained with in the urban matrix.

  3. kevin Says:

    there are several kinds of urban nature from preserve to park to garden to marginal nature

  4. jacob Says:

    that is true kevin.
    the idea of marginal nature, intrigues me…

    thanks for popping by…

  5. Roxanne Says:

    good point!!
    and i like how all of it keeps trying to resist being beaten down!

  6. Roxanne Says:

    Kevin-Please look me up on Facebook, if you are there:

  7. jacob Says:

    lt’s lucid communication in process.
    right on

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