Ningyocho Reflections

Ningyocho is one of the Shitamachi parts of Tokyo.  Shitamachi literally means “down town,” but I like

to translate it as an “old part of town.  There are shitamchis all over tokyo.  Even though they are slowly being rebuilt and gentrified.

As I walked the streets I was fascinated with the window.  The way the glass, old and new would reflect bits of reality in its self, and then into my lens.  A metaphysical melding of my photographic world with the world that surrounds me.

Look into the glass, and tell me what you see.

Refracted Gold

Lemon Cafe

Flesh Glass Star

Oodles of Bottles

Poster, Reflection Street

2 Responses to “Ningyocho Reflections”

  1. Roxanne Says:

    Amazing collection today, Jacob!

  2. jacob Says:

    thanks roxanne….
    thanks for taking the time to reflect
    on these images.

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