No Longer a Tokyo Disney Virgin

I have been living in Tokyo for um, about 10 years.  I can see Tokyo Disney land from my home.  I have watched endless streams of visitors step on and off at Mihama station to go there.  Yet, I have never been.

We decided that we should go, and see what there is to be seen.  And try to get more of a handle why so many are obsessed with everything Disney.

Mass of humans melting in the sun when we passed the gates at about 3:30pm.  The sun was beating down, the heat rising from under the rubber soles of our sneakers.  We headed into the jungle.

As I was flashing back to 19 years ago, the last time I went to a theme park, I was amazed at the way people just trooped about.  The artificial cleanliness of the park. Trash was constantly being picked up. Of course when I was a kid we ran like bandits all over the park(s).

I did enjoy my day. I was a bit overloaded with sensations, but I know thats why people go there.

Heat Flash Earth

Out of the Light

On the Go

Umbrella Day

Portrait of a Portrait of a Character with Two Ladies

Photo Spot

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