Y Sin Embargo Magazine #21

The latest edition of the ink or print Ysin Embargo Magazine dropped this monday.  It is full with fabulous artists reaction to the ever changing relationships of analog and digital medium.  There are many superb contributions to this issue.  Make it a point to check them all out.

My piece is a analog and digital conversation with my maternal grandmother.  Surrounded by the analog sights and smells that surround her.

I am ever thankful to Y Sin Embargo’s creative hurricane of Fernando Prats.  The layout and impact of the magazine would not be the same with out him.  Much respect Fernando.

you can download the PDF file here.

you can go to LULU and order the magazine here.

be sure to browse the past issues and all the happening over at Y Sin Embargo Magazine.




I will re print the text below in both English and Spanish.

they both tell a story.

interwoven expressions. of silver oxide and pixels.

together searching to unlock the gifts that lay underneath.

lifting skywards across time dimensions.

3 axis collide at the moment

the time pins the location to its x, y, z,.

across the digital waves of, 1s and 0s.

A lucid communication opens the gates between,

the converging axis.

The lens draws back, and froward, interpreting

the light into its components.

into the hands of all can access image creation.

but with access, comes pursuit of fullness.

Tmatriarical manisfestation of the n the fusion of the axis. provides the onlooker with a security code.

# # #

ambos cuentan una historia.

expresiones entrelazadas. de óxido de plata y pixeles.

juntos buscando abrir la llave de los regalos escondidos debajo.

elevándose hacia el cielo a través de dimensiones temporales.

3 ejes colisionan en el momento

en que el tiempo fija la ubicación en su x, y, z,

a través de las ondas digitales de 1s y 0s.

Una comunicación lúcida abre las puertas intermedias,

los ejes convergentes.

La lente se desplaza atrás y adelante, interpretando

la luz hacia sus componentes.

hacia las manos de todos puede acceder la creación de la imagen

pero con el acceso viene la búsqueda de la plenitud.

Manifestación matriarcal de la fusión n de los ejes. Proporciona al espectador un código de seguridad.

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