The Painted Church of the Big Island

I never would have stopped over at the The Painted Church also known as St. Benedict Roman Catholic Church if it wasn’t for Sam at the HOLUALOA UKULELE GALLERY who told us we can’t miss this little gem.  And Sam was surely right that it was a special place.  It was all painted by Father John Berchmans Velge in the the very early 1900’s.  Wandering around the grounds and inside the little church that was more like a home than a church.  The dedication and love for his faith is so beautifully illustrated on all the surfaces of the church.

for the history and info about the painted church visit here 

The Tempatation of Christ in the Painted Church

Palm Tree Column in the Painted Church

Offering Box, The Painted Church

Kneeling in Prayer ar in the Painted Church

In Prayer wth Shell Necklaces

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