The Concrete Reality of my Surroundings

To twist a title from Fishbones album, the reality of where I live really hit me over the last couple days.  After coming from the lush tropics of Hawaii I have had to adjust to a jungle that is made up of concrete, iron and faded plastics.  Where ever I step here in Tokyo the land has been devoured by man.  There are a few patches of green, some islands that are called parks, but for the most part in my day to day life there isn’t any.

So, sit back and join me in the concrete reality of my surroundings.

Left Here

Zen Circle in Plaster

Portrait of Seed and Clocks

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  1. samm bennett Says:

    Yeah, coming back to Tokyo after someplace like Hawaii… I think I had similar feelings upon return from a trip to Okinawa once.

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