Nuts and Keys

From opposite ends of the Kanto region comes todays selections.  The first one is a lone nut that is slowly

rusting into nothingness in Roppongi.  The other are some lost and found keys hung gently on a gate

in Konodai, Chiba.  Both are forever waiting to be found again.  Both want nothing more to be home

and in front of the fireplace.  Wait, wait, waiting….

Nut in Roppongi

The Keys are Lost in Konodai

2 Responses to “Nuts and Keys”

  1. Roxanne Says:

    Nice work, Jacob. Great theme. A rich series of images could be done on this theme, eh? Beautiful.

  2. jacob Says:

    so true roxanne

    the lost and found theme has been an on going one for the past nearly 10 years….


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